Judge Perry: Over The Top, Out Of Control Bias

Perhaps if he “strikes” and “precludes” enough there won’t be any evidence at all before the jury except the prosecution’s.

Now he is telling defense witnesses what they can and cannot say.  And here is the apparent rule being applied:  if it’s favorable to the prosecution or neutral, you can say it; if it undermines the prosecution’s case or challenges their credibility, you can’t say it.

Perry decided not to allow Eikelenboom to testify at this time about the possibility of testing decomposition fluid from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car for DNA.

He may later allow that testimony; however, after a special hearing is conducted regarding the admissibility of Eikelenboom’s scientific methods.

The “special hearing” is a “Frye” hearing.  In theory, the Frye test is to gauge the reliability of expert testimony before it is admitted into evidence.  In practice, just as here, it is a mechanism for a judge to disingenuously favor one side over the other while appearing to be neutral.  Some of the prosecution’s evidence, even though it has never been used in a courtroom before, was not subject to “preclusion” after a “Frye” hearing.  But the defense’s evidence will be.

The hearing will be conducted and the judge will effectively preclude the testimony he wants to preclude.  He will permit some other testimony that is not important so that he can appear to be “fair”.

Meanwhile there’s this:

Meanwhile, the expert witness is being permitted to talk about other findings right now. But Perry read special instructions stating that his report was not provided to the state until Saturday and that matter may be considered in evaluating the credibility of the witness.

The judge is trying to discredit the defense’s witnesses in the mind of the jury, pure and simple.  Even if there was some sort of “discovery” violation by defense counsel, that has nothing to do with the witness’s credibility, and it’s completely over the top, outrageous, partisan and a flagrant abuse of his position.  If they have a judicial conduct commission in Florida, it is Perry who should be hauled up, not Baez.

Not that that’s the way this will turn out, of course.

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69 responses to “Judge Perry: Over The Top, Out Of Control Bias

  1. Lisa

    I feel like we are in Salem, Ma during the witch trials. Can our justice system really be this bias? Is there anything Baez can do to overcome these huge obstacles that keep being thrown at him? I just keep feeling like there must be something he can pull out that would make this a bit more fair. Maybe that’s unrealistic of me.

    • IDK. You can bring a proceeding for mandamus, but lots of luck. Just try to imply to the jury that the judge is biased and diminish his credibility, maybe. Tough, though.

    • Debbie

      I spoke with a friend this morning and mentioned to her basically the same thing that you posted about witch trials…wondering how many innocent women who were hung as witches who were not guilty at all but different in their thinking and talking than many other folks in their communities…and this made them witches…it was simply ludicrous of the narrow minded town folks…

      So sad to think what these town folks in that era of time would have done to Jesus had he visited their towns…he would have been hung as a witch too with his miracles of healing people…changing water into wine…raising a widow’s son…bringing Lazarus back to life…calming the stormy seas…walking on water…to just name a few…

      It is ludicrous of the narrow minded people today to say that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering Caylee when the whole story hasn’t even been presented yet…simply put…some people are too quick to judge people…maybe in the end they themselves will be judged…

      • Sareen

        I could NOT have said it better myself, Debbie! You are so correct. Thank you for writting this, I hope more people see it♥

      • Alvin

        The only thing ludicrous is the fact that you are comparing this trial to a “witch” trial. I agree that Casey is innocent until proven guilty. The fact of the matter is that Casey’s testimony is the only thing that could save her now. If she had not done anything wrong and had come clean to the police (even after those 31 days of Caylee being missing) she could still be considered somewhat credible. The prosecution has done a wonderful job at presenting their circumstantial evidence. Not having concrete evidence does not mean that no crime was committed. All evidence at this point points to Casey Anthony, at the very least, knowing what had happened to her daughter. There has been no evidence to back up the defense’s theory of accidental drowning. By using your logic that would mean that Caylee did not drown. So what happened to her?

        • becky

          All that you state is true Alvin however….
          Judge Perry is CLEARLY a BIAS Judge and it will take only one juror to see it in that light. It may very well be that Casey Anthony gets off because a couple of jurors will end up feeling she didn’t get a fair trial. I don’t think she got a fair trial and yet I think she’s guilty as hell. I thought O.J was guilty as hell and watched his trial and I would have come back with a not guilty verdict because of police tampering.
          It’s a shame when people who are guilty get away with their crimes just because the police and or the prosecution are way to arrogant to deal only with the evidence at hand.

    • Alvin

      I do not believe there is any bias in this judge’s rulings. It is not Judge Perry’s fault that Baez is incompetent and is constantly using the wrong basis for his objections. Jeff Ashton is a much more skilled attorney. Ashton has repeatedly taken the defenses “expert” witnesses and turned their testimony in favor of the prosecution. The fact that there is no “smoking gun” is the only thing that the defense has in their favor. All of the testimony from the defenses witnesses is questionable at best, which Ashton has proved by logical thinking and questioning.

  2. Lisa

    Do you think the prosecution brought up this jail house witness in discovery as a possible rebuttal to scare the defense from putting Casey Anthony on the stand? Seems this is something they would have known about before now.

    • What’s worse than the last minute “jail house snitch” witness? If the defense tried anything like that it would be labeled “desperate” and “ridiculous”. Maybe they are desperate. Judge Perry certainly is.

  3. April

    [The hearing will be conducted and the judge will effectively preclude the testimony he wants to preclude. He will permit some other testimony that is not important so that he can appear to be “fair”.]

    I think you are biased against the government here, but regardless, Baez could have been the master of his own destiny if he simply obeyed the judge’s orders (about expert witness testimony). It is unfair to the prosecution if the defense is allowed to spring new stuff on them at the last minute. An additional day or two may or may not help the prosecution. If the expert reports were to have everything (rather than have important opinions excluded from them), the prosecution would probably have had months to deal with them.

    And if this kind of a thing keeps occurring, that’s when someone could think Baez is doing this deliberately. We hear about sanctions, bar committees, and ethical violations.

    • You can’t be the “master of your own destiny” on these discovery issues. There is too much room for disagreement.

      The judge issues an order or there is a stipulation: each party will provide the “substance” of the opinion of any expert witness to the other. What constitutes the “substance”? You can argue about that. Anybody can. You say it’s not enough, the other guy says it’s sufficient.

      What if the order or stipulation says each will provide the “entire” opinion or “all”? You can certainly have a lot of arguments there. Any little variance from the report would be a reason to complain, if you’re so inclined.

      In practice only assholes make a big fuss about these things and whine to the judge about being “ambushed” when they know about the witness and the basics of the opinion. And the number one reason lawyers behave like assholes in that regard is that they know the judge will favor them. If they weren’t the favored party they wouldn’t do it, because the judge would blame them for whining so much. That’s what would happen if the defense complained the way the prosecution has been.

      But there’s more than this going on. For some reason just about the entire legal community of Orlando is taking shots at Baez. It’s a subject in and of itself, and I don’t know what the explanation is. I hope it’s not just that it’s a lot more comfortable and there are a lot more important friends to be made by lining up with the police led mob. But it could be that. I don’t think Baez could be accused of being a lone wolf or cowboy having collaborated with Cheney Mason, who is apparently well established down there. But there’s some kind of subtext here that maybe some lawyer in Orlando could identify. I can’t.

      April, you might wish to see the discussion here: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/on-the-record/transcript/judge-casey-anthony-case-showing-bias-towards-prosecutors

      • April

        [You can certainly have a lot of arguments there. Any little variance from the report would be a reason to complain, if you’re so inclined.]

        True. Just because the prosecution complained, it doesn’t mean they have a legitimate beef. And just because the judge sided with the prosecution, it doesn’t mean the prosecution is being favored unfairly. It depends on exactly what the complaint is, and if it has merit. Rodriguez’s opinion on duct tape, for example, was not present in his deposition. He apparently informed Baez about his opinion long back, but Baez failed to disclose it to the prosecution. That looks like a legitimate complaint about an important issue. I don’t know enough about the other complaints by the prosecution. You could be right, but not necessarily by process of deduction.

        I watched the Fox news discussion. The defense attorney lady seems to think the prosecutor is playing dirty games. Marcia Clark on Issues said Baez was trying to ambush the prosecution. So the facts seem to support multiple interpretations. Or, both parties are playing games, as claimed by the judge.

        • Sareen

          It does’nt matter what the prosecution believes, or wants….it DOES NOT MATTER, because whatever they want (JUDGE PERRY) Will Give them! Look: Perry has and will continue to (Over Rule Baez) and this is, and will go on for at least (97% of the time) but….. when Ashton objects Perry gives him a (SUSTAINED 99.8% of the time) this is CLEARLY a BIAS Judge and He Needs to be REMOVED from (not only this chair) but from EACH AND EVERY UPCOMMING TRIAL!!!!! Retire Perry, you are No Longer Wanted, Not One Person WORLD WIDE Respects you any longer. Go Home, Stay there and hide because No Body will say hello, goodbye or even look at you. You have given an already down and out America an even more depressing – non trusting position now. We now have LESS HOPE, FAITH and RESPECT in and for our country because of You CLEAR- ARROGANT-UNFAIR-BIAS all for the benefit of your own selfish wishes. Myself, and my entire family are saddened by the fact that we have seen ‘ON T.V.’ a judge who we’re supposed to respect…. CRUSH our faith in the Legal System, as well as Crush our hopes and dreams of a United/Respectful America. Everyone in the WORLD watching the Anthony trial has No RESPECT for the US Legal System now and we can all thank YOU, Mr. Perry, You are to Blame for this. Shame on you

          • GJR

            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I completely agree with you and everyone should be afraid of Judges like Perry. Our Justice system is designed for and favors the prosecution. ” Innocent until proven guilty” is a JOKE!

          • bamalady

            totally agree with you Sareen

        • Becky/Toronto

          Dear April,
          Dont ever watch Fox new. Their the Cartoon of news. yikes

      • Becky

        atticus, I said the first 48, meaning not guilty or 5 days hung
        let’s see


  4. April: Why do you think the prosecution failed to depose these witnesses back in December or earlier this year? Few if any other states have this wonderful deposition tool in criminal cases, so why not use it. Why? Just like Baez stated. The prosecution knew the report/affidavit was thin and wanted to limit the defense questioning by avoiding a deposition that would have eliminated all prejudice.

    The judge has continually ignored this gamesmanship.

    Judge is also being overly tough on Baez on his “direct” examination of what are really prosecution witnesses (who didn’t get called because they had nothing of benefit to the prosecution).

    • April

      [The prosecution knew the report/affidavit was thin and wanted to limit the defense questioning by avoiding a deposition that would have eliminated all prejudice.]

      That’s definitely possible. Or the prosecution was relying on the good judge’s rulings on expert witness reports, and was being merely lazy.

  5. I totally couldn’t agree more. The Judge is holding Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton’s hand all the way. It should make one wonder if the judge and the Prosecutor had come to agreements prior to case. If I were Judge Perry I would be very very careful that the Bar and city doesn’t turn on him and call this action or possible conviction overturned due to Judges misconduct and clear Bias.

  6. Good points, Carolyn. Unfortunately, judges rarely have anythihng to worry about on ethical issues in terms of outside supervision.

    How about his afternoon off yesterday to attend a state budget meeting? And dropping a day of court because he was peeved? He’s already let that bias into the courtroom when he ranted against Governor Scott. And now he holds the miserly purse strings for the “Anfony” defense. Yikes! Watching this case is like viewing a train wreck for those of us who really know how our wonderful “justice” system works in practice as opposed to the theory we all learned in law school.

  7. I’m wondering if Judge Perry’s Constituents are watching the trial and judging his conduct and clear bias for the next voting session. Judge have to be re-elected and if i were an opponent I so would be watching this trial and perhaps use it as a way to show the people in the community that the Judge sides with the Prosecutor of the County and how this is such a miscarriage of our judicial system and is unacceptable.

    • Sareen

      I agre 110%. By the way, MANY people have said thhis VERY SAME THING! Why, then, is no one doing anything about it?

  8. Tess

    This Judge Perry is incredibly bias. To say the tape today secret scandalous tape process to formulate if the tape could cover both the nose and the mouth as a tool to help them formulate their THEORY will not be permitted because it doesn’t have anything to do with the evidence is a crock. They used that tape, described it as how they tested it, without evidence to it actually being the way they found it. They couldn’t know. This information is information the jury should hear. Especially since it was proven by Dr. Spitz to be wrong, that his study showed the tape was placed on the skull, not the skin of the face.

    He holds Baez in contempt for doing what he absolutely had to do to protect his client against the unethical practices of the prosecution, the Judge says/ does nothing to the prosecution. Now, the prosecution stands up in court today and says he is honored that the defense thinks he was smart enough to think of that tape plan, he wished it was his thought of it… but it wasn’t him.

    What in God’s name has America become. A bunch of criminals convicting criminals. I’m am more than disgusted!

  9. Tess

    Has everyone seen this video? It is not just Judge Perry bias and unethical if you ask me, but his predecessor in this case too… Judge Strickland. Watch this and then ask yourself, when Strickland had to step down, for whatever reason they claimed, if he didn’t share his, law enforcement, and prosecutor’s office’s illegally obtained information by probable bug of Baez’ office. See this YouTube www. youtube.com/watch?v=HAOmCShGzuQ

    Take the space out after the www

    I wouldn’t ever want to be innocent charged of a crime in Florida, and this makes me wonder how the rest of the Country’s courts and prosecutor’s practice too.

    • Sareen

      THANK YOU. I hope EVERYONE Reads this blog, They ALL need to know that these Golf Buddies… when they are NOT in court… take/make bets, and sometimes the winner has to let the prosecution get a FREE win, even when the Defendant is Innocent! saw this on a blog last week but when I went back to it via my (favorites) the blog, and page had been removed. Hmmmmm I wonder how that could have hapened, or who reemoved it?

  10. bluebird

    I think even the Judge was blown away with the outcome of today’s trial events! Talk about a bad day for the prosecution. I have to say that the Judge seemed somewhat amused by today’s events. None the less, his ruling against the defense on the tape and alleged misconduct on the part of the prosecution was shameful.

    • Tess

      I think he has sat there looking like the cat that just ate Tweety the entire trial. He smirks like that a lot. He knows something about this case, and he is licking his chops to get to it. I think it is George… .we will see, but it is something.

      That whole family is screwy… if anything, Casey needs to be placed into a psych ward and deprogrammed and taught a whole new way of life.

  11. Tess

    Unfortunately the only remedy I see for Casey is an appeal. She will likely get that anyway because it is a death sentence case. The bad news, if she is innocent, she’ll have to do more time, but on the other hand, I don’t know how long she would get for the lying to law enforcement charges (x4)… Maybe it would be time served by now. The good news is, an appeal would be granted should she get convicted on the lessor crimes anyway, and this was public, someone should be filing complaints with the bar and against the FBI and law enforcement. As for Judge Perry, I believe he can be brought before his peers or a higher court in Florida. I am not sure of that however.

  12. Perry & his lil state friends make me sick to my stomach. Casey’s last hope is that someone comes through with what really happened to Caylee (if she didn’t do it). Otherwise she’s done. Doesn’t matter what evidence the defense present to show how many mistakes and fabrications were done.This is a mock trial. Some kind of reality web TV. You know… that kind of show that everybody watch wanting to believe its true when they all know deep down its scripted?

    Is the truth has become old fashion?

    • Tess

      It doesn’t help to let Perry and the prosecutors know the public won’t stand for this if the media keeps going on and never mentioning Florida’s INJUSTICE. The media is really getting on my nerves. It’s all about the money, and if they can get a rise out of the people they will, even if it means an unfair death sentence. I swear, lynch mobs are in the chat rooms… the media stirs them up so much.

      • Indeed Tess. Its all about manufacturing consent in order to receive money & power. I wonder if he will receive any money through the book and movie deals thats are in negotiation. No doubt, he wants to be the star of it all. Justice & truth are irrelevant in this courtroom. When Ashton yells “objection”, we hear Perry’s “sustain” as if it was an automatically generated echo! How can that disturbing bias be allowed? Are the people above Perry as corrupted as he?

        • Tess

          The people above would be the higher courts… Supreme Court I think is. I think that due to the money accessible to the Republicans enabled them to stack the Supreme Court with a higher number of Republican Justices… every decision for the people is pretty much gone, however, if it benefits the corporations, they rule for them. The most recent decision on Scott Walker’s union busting bill against the will of the people of his State is the last signal of how clear this is.

          • Tess

            That’s not to say they are his boss, but they are the ones that would rule on any appeals, etc. Judge’s don’t like their decisions being reversed, so that is what gives them authority over them. It’s not enough. Judges need to have an authority they have to answer to on a regular basis, not just the higher courts. We can see this here. How many people are railroaded into prison, and have to wait years for appeals, and for how long, It takes years. Our Justice system has failed.

            • hcannon

              That is why I support the innocence project. I think it should expand to other than death penalty cases but it is so small.

              • The innocence project. Interesting you should mention that.

                Who is more worthy of being made a judge than Barry Scheck or Peter Neufeld, co-founders of the Innocence project?

                Yet they have never been nominated to a judgeship. And they never will be. No one even discusses it. Why?

  13. tze

    I have been quietly watching all of this inequity unfold. There are so many scenarios that make more sense than what the prosecution is advancing. The lying and deception is ubiquitous, but clearly several members of this family are sincere. The truth will make perfect sense if we ever see a shadow of it. I personally don’t believe there is a clear motive for Casey to commit such a terrible crime. Judge Perry is so clearly biased in favor of the prosecution that he is committing a crime in the performance of his job. I agree…”Our Justice system has failed.”

  14. No of course not. I couldn’t agree with you more. Incredibly Bias Judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. rose

    I believe this judge is very biased its very noticeable.This is so sad for this family they have to deal with all these vultures.I like biaz I think he is very good but he has a judge against him.This is so unfair.I pray for this family.

  16. hcannon

    The last hope is the jury. I see the same things all of the posters here see. Maybe a person on the jury does too and will hang it for another day. I would.

  17. Day 41: it seems to me that Judge “Bias” Perry has been defending all along his upcoming sentencing: death penalty. Who knows, maybe Samuel Jackson will play him in the movie the Anthony’s have in the works. And…I mean… without the death sentence verdict at the end, it wouldn’t be as good right JP?

    I wish I could stop to watch this trial but I can’t. I am hoping for a miracle at this point.

  18. Marin

    Hello, I am not a lawyer, (I hope yo don’t have to be a lawyer to post here:) and I am not speaking to guilt or innocence, but to the feeling I have had from the beginning that the trial does not seem fair. This is concerning for all American citizens, if it is true, as innocent people could go to jail if they found themselves in a courtroom with a biased judge. Is there anyone in your field that is looking into this situation? I am relieved that I am not alone, I literally had to Google this as it really seemed weird to me that almost every one of the objections Jose Baez makes is overruled…
    here is an interesting clip from Judge Napolitano entitled: “Is Judge in Casey Anthony Trial Showing Bias?”
    Again, this is not about the defendant for me, this is about the right I thought we all had to a fair trial! Maybe I don’t know how to analyze this a s a layperson.

    • GJR

      “this is about the right I thought we all had to a fair trial!” I agree with you! I wouldn’t want to be ‘in the wrong place, at the wrong time’ in Florida. Courts are about the money. For example you can plea down a speeding ticket – keep if off your driving record, but you have to pay the court for that service. That example is not close to murder, but all cases seem to favor what is best for the court. You ARE guility until proven innocent; not the other way around. And, all courts are set up for the defendant to be FORCED to retain an attorney; no matter what the charge. Our tax dollars fund state and federal courts; so we are paying them to screw us no matter what.

    • hcannon

      You are spot on the Judge is Like Judge Roy Bean. A horrible example. Part of the Prosecution. Reversal will come.

      • Marin

        I am just wondering why the prosecutor has gotten away with the disrespectful facial grimacing and why today he wasn’t called out on the carpet for it in front of the jury? If the young man who gestured in court was thrown in jail and shown a sign of the rules in front of the jury (not saying what the young man did was right at all) then why, if the officers of the court are clearly held to a higher standard, was the prosecution not admonished in front of the jury as well? As I said, I am a layperson and do not know the rules, but that doesn’t seem fair. The prosecutors grimacing seem to say: “Isn’t that a cute, silly defense, let’s get a good chuckle over it.” and further, is this really a laughing matter? Or are they so above us all tat they can afford to laugh. Further, the prosecutor was baiting the defense!!! Oh wait, the trial is back on, it’s a 50/50 at fault and the jury will decide?? What’s going on??

        • bluebird

          Injustice is going on right before our very eyes. That’s what is going on.

          • Baez said it perfectly today “the state is hoping you will fill the gaps with your anger and your emotions”. Thats all they have indeed. Linda and Ashton look so full of hate, its scary. Will that speak louder then facts?

            Wasn’t it sweet of JP to give the evening to his lil friends to revise their rebuttal? If Baez would have been caught laughing he would have been disbarred. I hope the jury sees through this masquerade! This is just unbelievably unfair.

            • Marin

              What do you all think of this… copied from the following article on Yahoo entitled: Miranda Errors May Void Prosecution Efforts in Casey Anthony Trial

              “Noted appellate court attorney Alan Dershowitz believes a murder conviction of Casey Anthony will be overturned on appeal. Dershowitz says it was clear Casey was in police custody the whole time she was being questioned by police. That she was not notified of her right to keep silent was a violation of constitutional protections, said the noted civil liberties lawyer.

              A different view is that of former Los Angeles Police Department detective Mark Fuhrman, author of a recent book titled “The Murder Business.” Fuhrman believes a conviction will be upheld in an appeals court and points out the Miranda rule makes exceptions for police interrogations when they are seeking missing children.”

              Is this a continuation of the bias and unfairness? (obvious question)

              • Marin

                This is interesting as well, copied from the blog: http://thejbmission.wordpress.com/tag/jeff-ashton/

                “Judge Belvin Perry Jr, an interesting man. A man who comes from a family of boys with a tough street cop, Belvin Sr as his father. His eye accidentally poked out by a butcher knife from a duel with a cousin using a butcher knife for a sword. I wonder where Belvin Jr’s father was when this occurred. Was his father not
                supervising his children closely enough? Could this be considered as negligence of a parent in July of 2011?

                As hard as it is for me to mention Judge Perry’s accident, I find it ironic.

                I’m sure his father was a good man, a hard worker and I know boys will be boys but in 2011, the laws changed, a child’s eye is gone forever, I think a nasty prosecutor with an axe to grind and a need to win a case could have built a case against the parent or adult who was left in charge of Belvin Jr. if this happened in 2011.

                I would hate to see that happen to a good family and I’m sure the Perry’s were highly respected in their community. From the outcome of Judge Perry Jr. and his brothers, all being college graduates, all having important respected careers, that his upbringing and parental guidance was excellent. I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Belvin Perry Sr. are extremely proud of their children but had this happened today, there could have
                been a full blown investigation and a spiteful, mean prosecutor could have built a case in a New York second. It’s frightening!

                I assume he’s above average intelligent, he seems thorough, meticulous in his rulings but not observant enough to know what goes on in his courtroom. While I was captivated to my chair today as I watched defense attorney Jose Baez’s tell the story from the opposing side of Main Street, the camera in the courtroom would occasionally pan out to the gallery and then zoom onto the face of Jeff Ashton who was often smirking or outright laughing at Mr. Baez as he was fighting for the life of his client. That is no laughing matter. Finally with the strength and anger of a bull, Jose Baez called him out. He called him “the Laughing Man.”

                “The Laughing Man”

                I sit here and ask myself, “Who is this Laughing Man?” So what, he’s won a few cases, I know he’s cheated on at least one. Instead of being respectful to his fellow Officer of the Court Jose Baez, he laughs in his face during the most crucial part of any murder trial, the closing argument.

                And the Judge, Belvin Perry Jr., instead of asking questions and admonishing the one person who disobeyed his rules, Jeff Ashton, he publicly admonishes BOTH attorneys when it was Jeff Ashton who caused the
                disruption, not Jose Baez. All he did was point Ashton’s idiotic antics to the presiding Judge, the filled courtroom and the national media covering the most sensational trial of the century. Kudos to Mr. Baez!

                Judge Perry, whom I expected so much more and have held my nose as I watched him play favorites from the first day he came onto this case. I was shocked to see such blatant biasness towards Mr. Ashton and his constant public humiliation of Mr. Baez.

                Casey Anthony may be executed or gone and forgotten in 5 or 10 years. Judge Perry and Jeff Ashton
                may have won their BIG CASE along with the support of 90% of Orlando, Florida but was it worth it? Was the good reputation of Hon. Judge Belvin Perry Jr worth ruining for a lowly prosecutor named Jeff Ashton? I hope Judge Perry sees the light and comes to his senses. This was never a first degree murder case. It was a mistake which is not too late to rectify.

                I have decided after watching this debauchery to never visit the state of Florida. I will warn all of
                my friends and people I know in the travel industry that this State does not uphold the laws of our country and does not support our 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.

                Traveler beware!

                It matters not to me anymore if Casey Anthony is convicted of murdering her precious daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. That is an automatic appeal and she’ll be out of this mess in a few years, no doubt in my mind. I’m much more concerned with the makings and actions of Orange County Florida’s judicial system. A county that would think nothing about what happens in their courts or the fact that they’d use a National holiday as if it were any day of the week to hold trial simply out of convenience for a few jurors.

                Will Judge Perry’s love affair with the jurors pay off?

                Remember him, Juror #2

                Juror 2 — The IT Worker: Black male, mid-thirties, married, two children: a daughter, 4 and son, 9. Like defendant, Casey Anthony, juror’s mother was a single mom. “My impression was that, ‘yes, I thought she did it.’ … If I had to return a verdict, I would say ‘not guilty’ right now.” Death penalty stance: Does not believe in the death penalty. “God is the one that makes the final judgment.”

                He’s been said via Tweets to be diligently taking notes which is always a good sign when a juror is paying attention and taking notes. I’m betting steaks and seafood that Juror 2 was intently listening to Jose Baez pouring out his heart as he passionately defended his client Casey Anthony.

                Will Juror 2 be the One? That’s all it takes…”

              • bluebird

                I’d bet on Alan Dershowitz over police detective Mark Fuhrman on legal issue every time. While I have always had excellent encounters with police officers, they are not lawyers, think they know about the law, when in fact they do not. I went to law school with many police officers who wanted to be lawyers. Many of them did not do well and failed out the first year. There was one state trooper I became friendly with and he suggested that police officers are robotic, often over-empowered with their right to enforce the law, but are dumb dumb dumb in the area of critical thinking and logical reasoning.

        • becky

          Here’s the deal with Florida. It’s all about money. I will NEVER TRAVEL TO FLORIDA AGAIN.
          This is how I got arrested in Florida and spend 3 days in jail there. While on my way from Toronto to Tampa to take the first cruse of my life. The plane came to a stop and the pilot asked everyone to remain in there seats get out their passports, that they are conducting a u.s. random search.
          4 huge u.s customs agents stormed the plane, we were all frightened out of their minds thinking a terrorist was on board. They Identified me as to the seat I was assigned, grabbed me out of my seat into the air…threw me against the doors of the plane, handcuffed me and walked me off the plane onto the tarmac where I found myself gasping for air.
          I tried to tell them it was a mistake of identity and they just laughed. Nobody spoke to me. I was then transferred to the waiting room to be processed, finger printed.. all that jazz. Seeing that I’m a private investigator myself I had a great resource to call back in Canada. It was after my retired OR.CO.ME.UP turned UP.I in Florida contacted my jailers, that I became aware of the charges I was facing. Are you with me here cuz this is where I tell you it’s all about MONEY down there. Get this, they charged me with, “failure to return leased property” My contact assured me that CAA would bail me out but it turned out that the charge was made into a felony so CAA doesn’t bail out felonies.
          I had never been arrested in my life, let alone been to jail. I had no idea what a felony was. The only way out was to post 5,000 dollars. You can be sure they had bank machines in the holding depot but it wasn’t dispensing 5 grand.
          The bail guy told me to do everything possible not to go into the system. Well that’s exactly where I ended up.
          My girlfriend was on the boat and I was sitting in jail. AND THIS IS THE KICKER WHY I WAS IN JAIL.
          2 years before this trip, I was in Florida and I rented a U-hall truck, a big one because they didn’t have any small ones left. As I was driving on the highway, I started to loose control of the vehicle. I got off at the exit and pulled into a comfort inn where upon leaving the vehicle I noticed a tire was going flat. I obviously couldn’t change a tire on that type of truck so I phoned AAA to report where the truck was. They instructed me to leave the keys in the back of the truck and that was the end of that. It never dawned on me someone would pull an insurance fraud claim so why would I or anyone in a case like this make a police report. I made the report to the company.
          This case by law is a civil matter no matter how you look at it! But the system wanted their money and I went to jail.
          I could go on and on just as this story does but I will end it here with these words of advice. NEVER GO TO THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Never Ever. Once they get you, they get all your money. Blood Sucker who never follow the laws that govern them.. They make it up as they go along. Second piece of advice…Always make a police report of anything that goes wrong. Better safe then sorry!

          • Sounds like a terrible experience. I always find myself apologizing for the system to its many victims. Many legislatures across the US have criminalized what are largely civil disputes and this is one example.

            But having the plane raided and you hauled away in handcuffs? Seems like they don’t have enough to do. But that is also frequently the case.

            • Becky/Toronto

              It was a major shock to my system and I truly believed I suffered ptsd from that experience It took a couple of years to get over. Today, I’m very happy I went through it. It’s not an experience one can ever explain or one could ever know unless you actual go through it. I can’t imagine how anyone who’s lived in that system for 3 years, like Casey Anthony could process those words…life sentence. I would just kill myself. It’s the most horrible hateful existence there is on this planet. to be jailed
              Looking back, a little older and wiser, I thank G-d for that experience and that it’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. After all, we don’t have to look far to see those suffering horrific tragedies. Hurricanes and flooding, earthquakes and tsunamis. That kind of shock to the system can change a generation of the way people think and behave. If someone is lucky to survive such tragedies, They are free and able to rebuild their life.
              If one is jailed, it’s pretty much over.

  19. It’s ridiculously apparent that Judge Perry is displaying favoritism towards the prosecution. Yesterday, I really felt Baez’ pain as he was frustrated with Perry’s ruling on permitting items that were not in discovery 2 years prior.

    It’s such a relief for me to have found this forum, since I’ve been on CNN’s blogs this past week, noticing how most of the commentators are leaning towards the prosecution because of the apparent brain-washing the media has soaked their remedial brains in. It seems many people these days, can’t seem to be able to formulate their own opinions, and instead regurgitate the sound bites from the news.

    And Jeff Ashton, is an egregiously over-zealous prosecutor, who kisses Judge Perry’s buttocks so openly, they should just go home together and cuddle.

  20. Watcher

    I agree with all of you here. Today was the day I looked to see if there was anyone else out there that felt Judge Perry was being extremely biased. This is very scary to see this unfold. I thought innocent until proven guilty was the upmost important thing. The media says nothing of this Judge’s behavior, why? This judge needs to be taken off of this case. This is a death penalty and it should be fair and it clearly is not.

  21. becky weinstein

    There should be a law that states you cannot charge someone with the death penalty unless you have the smoking gun. Physical evidence, not circumstantial evidence. Never will 12 people agree to put someone to death where there is not direct physical evidence.
    I truly feel the justice system has failed Caylee Anthony because Casey Anthony is guilty of a crime here but it will only take one juror on that panel to feel that Judge Perry was bias and there is no physical evidence for a capital murder case. Period and she will end up going home. Or in the case where they find her guilty, the charge will most certainly be over turned because it wasn’t a fair trial. To bad the prosecutors and the judge have made such outrageous egotistical mistakes. Because of them, Caylee wont get her true justice.

    • I’m not sure I agree that she’s guilty of a homicide type crime here; but I will agree that if she is guilty of any homicide crime, it is overwhelmingly more likely to be manslaughter than murder. As you say, there is really no reliable or definitive evidence of a murder, and it should not have been charged.

      • Becky from toronto

        I think the Defense articulated any doubts any one watching this trial has had. And it will only take ONE juror to think the same way, to get hung.
        But let’s say they come back with no guilty on all counts for whatever reasons. Can the prosecution re-charge her with what they should have charged her with in the beginning, like deposal of a corps or whatever the legal name is and any other charges they can actually prove. Albeit the most embarrassing situation for them.

        • Hello Becky. Under the double jeopardy clause of the fifth amendment, applied to the states through the 14th amendment, the state cannot reformulate its charges and try again, based on the same facts and circumstances.

          And I will agree that Casey Anthony is a very troubled person but that does not mean she should necessarily be in jail. Prisons and jails are not treatment centers.

          • Becky/Toronto

            OJ walked free because, and it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the police tampered with the evidence. I watched that case from beginning to end. I remember now how horrible I felt for those jurors. I knew he was guilty and I put myself in a jurors’ seat and knew that I would have no choice but to find him not guilty. The police stole the justice that was sought for Nicole Simpson.
            And I feel exactly same way after watching this trial from beginning to end. Whatever the verdict is, it could never mean true justice for Caylee Anthony. Because we all know, for sure…Beyond a shadow of a doubt that
            Casey Anthony DID NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL. The end.

          • Becky/Toronto

            Good Evening Atticus
            Thanks for the info on double jeopardy and thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts and knowledge throughout the trial. Having not read what I posted until today, I find that most of my posts are repetitive. So I guess I began thinking it, continued thinking it and concluded thinking it. lol
            If the jury doesnt come back in the first 48, I dont see them coming back for 5 days.

            • Actually, you’re on to something there. It’s probably going to be a hung jury on the homicide counts, but they could wind up compromising on the lowest homicide count and finding her guilty on that. Either way that will take a while, because what you have is jurors who seriously disagree. The compromise verdict is usually the last chance to avoid the hung jury, and of course no one is happy with it. But then they aren’t happy with a hung jury either. I was looking at some site today that described the jurors, and it really seemed as if the likelihood was that there are a few who would convict, no doubt, and there were a couple who I could see fighting against that really hard. It just had the look of a really divided jury going in, in terms of their natural sympathies, and I don’t think the presentation of the evidence and the arguments about it helped that situation any.

      • Becky from toronto

        And I agree with you Atticus but they didn’t charge her with Manslaughter. So home she might go. And that would be the prosecution and the judges fault. So sad. She’s such a sick girl and should spend a great deal of time in jail.

  22. Lane

    Didn’t Mr. Baez ask Judge Perry, to make it clear that the state could not introduce new evidence in it’s closing rebuttal argument? The Judge, as irecall agreed and then proceeded to allow the State to present new evidence, (the jail phonecall from Casey) , and the Judge over ruled Baez’ objection, as he had over ruled just about every objection Mr. Baez offered. . In addition, Judge Perry, knew of Mr. Baez’ request to ask Mr. Ashton to refrain from using facial expressions and comments to express his disafication with the defense argument? I agree that Mr. Baez should have objected rather than call Mr. Ashton, laughing man, however Mr. Ashton as a court officer should know better. I would think the judge would at the very least ipay attention to Mr. Ashton’s demeanor after being given notice of the impropiety, however , Judge Perry clearly has no intention of ever of ever citing the prosecutor for anything. if the jurors aren’t aware of his obvious bias in this case, they aren’t very observant.

  23. Lane

    No chloroform, no evidence of it being made or used, Cindy Anthony a nurse, not noticing her grandaughter is drugged? George Anthony a former police officer, doesn’t know how to kill himself? It takes him 2 days? Clearly he was setting himself up as a martyr. mr. Anthony, shows no emotion , unless his suicide is being discussed, sleeps with his mistress instead of looking for the baby anor her killer, and then lies under oath about it and expects sympathy? Try again Georgie, you allow your wife to cry, your son as well and show no emotion , you show no emotion when Caylee is discussed and the only time you break down is when your “suicide” is discussed, clearly you deserve an academy award for that.

  24. Debbie

    It was still obvious to the very end of closing arguments of this trial that Judge Perry still favors the Prosecution…

    I heard someone on HLN refer to Judge Perry as being pro-prosecution…

    My question: Is Judge Perry being a biased judge toward the prosesctution or is he pro-prosecution?…

    I do not quite understand the difference between being biased toward the prosecution or pro-prosecution…I have googled and seen many people refer to him as being one or the other…

    In my opinion he sounds like he has been both: biased and pro-prosecution…

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