Colorado DA Mark Hurlbert

Maybe this guy is deserving of a one day strike.  (h/t Crime & Federalism)

The reaction to the Sharon Keller (Texas) strike call has been underwhelming, to put it mildly. It would appear that nothing will happen nine days from now as I had recommended.  Perhaps the lawyers of Texas will reconsider at some future point.  It is possible that the bull in a china shop approach I initially adopted alienated the key individuals in Texas who might have made the thing go.  In any case, I can’t do much about Judge Keller by myself.

In the meantime Mr. Hurlbert of Colorado is on the table for discussion, if anyone is interested.  While Mr. Hurlbert is a prosecutor and not a judge, we’ve already hinted that in certain ways that may not matter.

At your service, lawyers of Colorado.



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