New Orleans Judge Ben Willard

So this Judge likes to rough up and jail public defenders who stand up for their clients.

The Public Defender, Stuart Weg, upset the judge by insisting that he release from custody a man who the prosecutors conceded was not the right individual.  Oh, my.

It happened in 2009.  Now Weg has filed a lawsuit.  It will go before some other judge who probably plays golf with Judge Willard.

Scott Greenfield reports the incident and expresses skepticism that the lawsuit will do any good.

He’s right, of course.  Maybe things would change if, instead of just submitting to and pleading with the same class of people who are ordering you beaten and jailed for no good reason, some lawyers would call their bluff and refuse to participate in their charade for a single day.  At least to start.

There are no better ideas that anyone has run by me or even posted elsewhere.  Just more of the same.

If lawyers in New Orleans are ready to do something about Judge Willard, I will do what I can to help.


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Filed under Judicial lying/cheating, Striking lawyers

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