Strike Wednesday. Texas. Keller.

One day only, this time.  Don’t know if there will be another time.  That will depend on what, if anything, happens Wednesday.

Don’t know if anyone is listening, but I can only do this, so I’m doing it.

See here.  And here.

There are two new candidates:  Colorado DA Mark Hurlbert and New Orleans Judge Ben Willard, who may be named after a movie about rats.  No date has been set, no feedback from local lawyers has been received.

Now, there seemed to be a lot of resentment from some quarters in Texas that I went ahead and called for a strike against Keller.  Perhaps this is justified.  Perhaps I had no business foisting such an idea upon them from afar, or attempting to do so.  Accordingly, a better procedure may be to identify potential targets and wait to see if there is a receptive group of lawyers in the relevant geographical area.

Although I don’t really have a lot of readers at this point.  Another call may be a long time coming.

In any case, opinions can be posted here in comments or sent to  Lawyers only, please.


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