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Free Joel Rosenberg? Maybe Minneapolis lawyers should strike. (Update)

So, Bennett and Greenfield and Mike over at Crime & Federalism are all over the arrest and pendente lite incarceration of one Joel Rosenberg, “the Jew with a gun” in lieu of $100,000 bail, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mr. Rosenberg is apparently diabetic and may not receive, or may be refusing, proper medication and nourishment while incarcerated.  Moreover, his arrest and incarceration are clearly unlawful, the judge (one Janet Poston) having signed an arrest warrant which was not properly sworn and indeed does not identify what witnesses, if any, presented sworn testimony or affidavits.

This sort of thing is an everyday, routine judicial occurrence, of course.  Judges often don’t read (never read?) applications for warrants; they just sign them.

Then another judge, one Toddrick S. Barnette, set Mr. Rosenberg’s bail at $100,000 even though Mr. Rosenberg has no criminal record, strong ties to the community, family, etc.  Of course this is outrageous, but it, or something like it, also happens to many people all over the country every day.

So, according to Greenfield, Mr. Rosenberg has an “excellent lawyer”, one David Gross.

Fine.  I’m sure he is, if Mr. Greenfield thinks so. Continue reading


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