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The Year Gone By

This effort began in October.  Against my better judgment, I used this site to call for a lawyer’s strike in Texas in November, owing to the professionally embarrassing outcome of the dust-up over Sharon Keller, the Chief Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which for most purposes in criminal cases is the “highest” court in the state.

In other words, I risked another professionally embarrassing outcome in an effort to remedy the first.  Too soon.  Not enough.  So I can now include myself among the embarrassed, not that I wasn’t embarrassed before, albeit in a more attenuated way.

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Great Article: Global Warming and Fecundity in the West

Questioning the birth dearth in industrialized nations as the controversial thing that it is.  Very cutting edge.  Just when I get to the point where I’m about to start hating the Brits again, they show me how wrong that would be.  They do it every time.

The demographic dysfunction of the “developed” nations is an unspoken component of our social and economic maladies, from the looming monetary chaos to the way men and women relate to one another.

“Fecundity”.  Great word, and remember you heard it here first:  that’s a word you’re going to see a lot more of over the next decade or so.

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