Great Article: Global Warming and Fecundity in the West

Questioning the birth dearth in industrialized nations as the controversial thing that it is.  Very cutting edge.  Just when I get to the point where I’m about to start hating the Brits again, they show me how wrong that would be.  They do it every time.

The demographic dysfunction of the “developed” nations is an unspoken component of our social and economic maladies, from the looming monetary chaos to the way men and women relate to one another.

“Fecundity”.  Great word, and remember you heard it here first:  that’s a word you’re going to see a lot more of over the next decade or so.

And I’ve hinted at this before, but this is one of the directions film director Martin Scorsese is going in, in ways so subtle that I’m not even sure he’s aware of it.

There’s a scene in one of the last Boardwalk Empire episodes where the main character, Enoch Thompson, chastises his faux-wife for using a contraceptive.  In “The Departed”, there is a strong implication that the one virtuous character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, impregnated the Matt Damon character’s girlfriend, something the Damon character was apparently not capable of.

In other words, in his recent work Scorsese is hinting – just barely hinting, but it’s there – that barren-ness, a lack of fecundity, is a marker of moral dysfunction which has gone too far.  Scorsese has always been culturally cutting edge, and maybe he still is.

The developed western nations have been reproductively barren for more than a generation.  You could say there are a lot of reasons for it.  But maybe the reasons don’t matter.  Maybe it’s a problem that is sufficient unto itself.

There are few people I’ve ever heard of that I would characterize as out and out evil, but Crispin Tickell contends for the honor.  He hates human beings, considering them “…a malignant maladaptation in the corpus of living organisms.”

Of course he means the rest of us, not him.





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6 responses to “Great Article: Global Warming and Fecundity in the West

  1. enicar333

    I had to look the word up…fecundity…ah yes, producing abundantely. That great question… fecundity must always be tempered by limited resources. Somewhere, earlier, I had posted a link to “Overshoot.” Perhaps I am colored by a paper I wrote in College which described a given population of Lynxs being dependant upon the population of Snowshoe Hares. As Humans are suppoused to be “smarter” than that, let me have the good Dr. Bartlett explain the exponential function, and limits to growth. This is vitally important in understanding the financial distress we find ourselves in now. . Fecundity has its limits, and the Prudent heed the warning.


  2. enicar333

    Global Warming? Try Global Cooling! . Some of the consequences? Check out


  3. enicar333

    I know I have “hogged” the comments area, but you are attempting to tie reproductive status into morality. I am a male, now age 47, who has never reproduced. This was a choice. A conscious choice made by me, because I believed the warnings of Paul Ehrlich and Thomas Malthus. OIL, yes, OIL, CHEAP OIL, bought off the early consequences of Overshoot… allowed us to overpopulate the Planet and now approach 7+ billion souls. Now the consequences of Overshoot, and unintended consequences are upon us. The future is an Agrarian Society and steady state growth. Limits have been reached, catastrophic population reduction will commence. Intelligent people instinctively realize this…the time of the great culling is at hand, and those that survive will pass that wisdom on to the Next Turning.


    • I’m not sure population doesn’t involve an element of mystery. Have you ever heard of the “ancestor paradox”? You have two parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, and so on. All different people, each time in each generation. Assume 4 generations per century. Going back 1000 years is 10 centuries. Times 4 generations is 40 generations. Your ancestors living at the time would be 2 to the 40th power. Do you know what kind of number that is? Way more than the people who could possibly have been living. Erlich was proven spectacularly wrong. There may be a lot more to the population question than simple math.


    • i should add that I’m not making any moral judgments about you or anyone else in particular. I’m really just toying with the idea, as I think Scorsese is, that fecundity is a natural result of sexual union, and if it’s absent that may indicate dysfunction of some kind, not that it necessarily does.


  4. enicar333

    From my real life experience… when I was Young (under 21) I engaged in a long and torrid love affair, coupled with a lot of sexual expression, yet with no desire to reproduce. (Daily Showering makes a big difference from our ancestors…) As I got older, our lives intertwined more and more. To This day I am a hetrosexual male, with no children produced, however note that I wore a condom at my insistence…my long term EX is now married with 3 children (1 man to Her credit) and lost 1 to a late term miscarriage. Tragically, the Child wrapped the umbilical cord around its neck while in the womb (I honestly feel Her pain..this is a tough one, delivered at 6months dead) From the (Christian) Bible, God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply. But God never said to exceed the carrying capacity of a limited sphere. Somewhere in here, and in all of this… You are a Lawyer (me, Blue Collar) You must recognize that reasonable limitations apply. Every thing in moderation. In my opinion… the carrying capacity of the Earth, allowing for a quality of life for other species, and respect for the Planet, is less than the 7 billion today. So what is the solution…. Yin and Yang… Please ponder and think… imagine the what ifs…


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