The Year Gone By

This effort began in October.  Against my better judgment, I used this site to call for a lawyer’s strike in Texas in November, owing to the professionally embarrassing outcome of the dust-up over Sharon Keller, the Chief Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which for most purposes in criminal cases is the “highest” court in the state.

In other words, I risked another professionally embarrassing outcome in an effort to remedy the first.  Too soon.  Not enough.  So I can now include myself among the embarrassed, not that I wasn’t embarrassed before, albeit in a more attenuated way.

The reception from other lawyer bloggers was by and large negative, with the notable exception of the Crime and Federalism site, which appears less averse to outside the box suggestions and thinking.  And even that blog is understandably not expecting any success from this one, since the Sharon Keller event was a no-show, and maybe for other reasons as well.

I have offered, on other lawyer-blogger sites and elsewhere, to provide whatever clearing house service I can to address other court-centered outrages but have had no takers as of yet.

Readership has continued to increase, but a lot of that is due to discussion of financial crisis and other matters, which interest a lot of people on the internet.  That, and probably because I have posted a lot, at a pace I’m not sure I can continue in 2011, though I will try.  Perhaps I am adding something of limited but unique interest to some few people in the financial crisis area, but there’s such a deluge of commentary on that subject I’m skeptical about any long term success there.

I have a habit of making early calls about trends and what is coming next.  This is frustrating for me and people who know me:  you think an idea will fly only to wait what seems like eons for anything to happen.  I was telling people to buy gold in 2002.  Until recently that looked like a loser, too.

What the hell.  We all have our crosses to bear.

I’ll make a prediction for 2011.  Maybe as much goal as prediction.  In any case, I believe some significant and serious effort at a lawyer’s strike will be prompted by or through this site before 2011 is out.  And if that happens, I feel certain that it will not only be successful, but stunningly so.  In other words, from there it will catch on.  Success will breed success.

There is a profound and well documented sense of disillusionment among lawyers – real lawyers – that has its origin in the extreme dysfunction of the judicial system, and a concern not only for themselves but for others – the clients they represent.  It is a dysfunction that only lawyers can address, which means that it has no political solution.  Nor is there any adjudicative outside agency that can be appealed to, the courts themselves – and their judges – being the problem.

That disillusionment will translate into action at some point.  Being good people, lawyers will not turn to violence or anger when an alternative is there.  Being smart people, lawyers will come up with something, and in my opinion they already have.

Despite the cold reception from many of the very people I am trying to help – my colleagues – this blog’s effort will thus continue in 2011.  Other lawyers  know as well as I do how bad it is out there.  They know as well as I do, their protestations and scoffing notwithstanding, that their own efforts, laudable though they may be, are a progressively losing trajectory.  There is no doubt about that among the sane.  Something more is required and so far this is it.

As you might imagine from the very predicate of this blog, 2010 was for me, like a number of years before it, a disappointment.

Here’s to 2011.

Happy New Year, everyone.




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3 responses to “The Year Gone By

  1. Rob

    There are only two kinds of people–those who live in the problem and those who live in the solution. Most people follow the former path. But you follow the latter. If 2011 turns out like you predict, perhaps you will look back at 2010 with a different perspective.


  2. enicar333

    Lets see… the State, that Corporate Entity also proclaims me a criminal. Now, I can understand, somewhat impaired, English Common Law. Hey, NO VICTIM, NO CRIME. Except today the State is the Victim, and it has been injured. Please… the State to the Witness Stand… LOL! No State there. No indeed, the State is the witness, complaintant, victim and prosecutor. Makes perfect sense to me.


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