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If You’ve Got Half an Hour

You might find this enlightening and entertaining:



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2010 Review by Dave Barry

It’s a classic – if a little long.

Small excerpt:

“The perfect symbol for the awfulness of 2010 was the BP oil spill, which oozed up from the depths and spread, totally out of control, like some kind of hideous uncontrollable metaphor. (Or, Jersey Shore.) The scariest thing about the spill was, nobody in charge seemed to know what to do about it. Time and again, top political leaders personally flew down to the Gulf of Mexico to look at the situation first-hand and hold press availabilities. And yet somehow, despite these efforts, the oil continued to leak. This forced us to face the disturbing truth that even top policy thinkers with postgraduate degrees from Harvard University — Harvard University! — could not stop it.”

Meanwhile, silver breaks $31 per ounce.  Some people seem to think this is significant, although there’s a lot of economic noise out there.  YMMV

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Additions to the Blogroll (Update)

They’re all in the economics area:  Steve Keen’s debt watch; Michael Hudson’s blog; and Mish Shedlock’s.

Shedlock’s blog is absurdly popular, like Zero Hedge.  You’ve probably heard of it it’s so big.  The others are more scholarly type stuff.  MEGO at times, but sometimes you have to fill in the blanks with more detailed knowledge:  sloganeering is a bad habit, in economics as well as the law.

Obviously I added them because I consider them valuable in some way, and I think you will, too.

Update:  I added Max Keiser as well.  He knows what he’s talking about and has provided lots of amusement as well.

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