Monsanto, GM Foods and Seeds, Wikileaks

How sad that our United States government, in addition to its various other transgressions, is apparently throwing its weight around to help a shadowy company – Monsanto – sell dangerous food to the world’s hungry. News of this is more fallout from the Wikileaks saga.

Monsanto’s previous successes include the previously considered carcinogenic artificial sweetener saccharin, which was just recently removed from the EPA’s list of “hazardous constituents and commercial chemical products.”  That sounds reassuring, doesn’t it, especially when one considers how cozy Monsanto is with the government that runs the EPA.  No word yet on how the FDA, which supposedly scrutinizes things we ingest, feels about all this.

Food can be very controversial.  Max Keiser reports, here and elsewhere, that world food prices are being driven up by speculation in financial derivatives related to food.  You know, traders flipping “wheat futures” and whatnot back and forth, sometimes driving the price of real wheat – the stuff people eat – way up for no good reason other than that speculators are speculating.

Speaking of which, why wouldn’t Monsanto, the producer of some foods that are really chemicals, engage in that “activity” in order to enhance the market for its products?  They’ve got a lot of money to throw around, bribing officials and so on.  What’s to stop them?  A sense of morality?

It’s bad enough the government sells us out to the highest bidder.  Can they at least refrain from flagrantly bullying other countries over what they are eating?  Some of us may wish to travel here and there without being hated by our hosts for what companies like Monsanto are doing.


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