One Million Homes Repossessed in 2010

At roughly 4 people per home on average, that’s 4 million evicted people.

Twenty percent more coming in 2011 – where they will “peak”, according to this article.

How’s that, when there are 7 million homes poised to go, with perhaps another 5 million two months or more behind on their payments?  And are things slowing down?  Even if they are (doubtful), there’s no peak in sight.

This is not the free market.  This is political and bank driven national suicide.

Some days I’m in danger of losing my sense of humor.  You have to remain aware of this stuff but you can’t let it get to you.  At least you can read Reed, who always has a pithy thing or two to say about it all.  He doesn’t pull punches, but doesn’t lose his sense of humor either.



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