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28th Amendment – The Rest Explained

Section 4:

Section 4 does two things:  1) designates the Secretary of the Treasury as the point man for carrying out the provisions of the amendment; and 2) limits the power of Congress to do anything about what the Secretary of the Treasury does in doing so, unless the Secretary acts in bad faith.

Who, oh who, would want the job of the Secretary of the Treasury under these circumstances?  Hard to say.  Some heroic individual who is willing to place his life in the hands of some of the most contemptible people on earth – members of Congress – since, as section 10 provides, if those scoundrels determine by a super-majority that he has acted in bad faith he will be put to death in short order.  Unless the president refuses to carry out that provision, in which case the United States is to be dissolved, the situation at that point having become hopeless.

Section 5:

This section simply prohibits the federal government from ever establishing a central bank again.  Good riddance.

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