Correctly Identifying The Issue

The issue is unpayable debt.  And debt-as-money.  The two are joined at the hip.

The constitutional amendment idea is addressing this issue.  I’m not aware of anything else that is.  So view these videos, go back and read the five posts about the constitutional amendment, do some thinking, then get back to me.  I’m right here.



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2 responses to “Correctly Identifying The Issue

  1. Rob

    I really like the Keiser stuff. The second video reminded me of The Grapes of Wrath. The tenant farmer’s land is about to be tractored over by the Bank. He asks the guy driving the tractor who he can shoot, who makes the decisions. The bank isn’t a person, the tractor driver says, but a monster.


  2. Yes Keiser is really entertaining. The guy in the video he is interviewing, Damon Vrabel, has an interesting take on these things, too.


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