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The Gold Standard

It’s atavistic.  Then again, so is Aristotle.

Durability.  Portability.  Divisibility.  Intrinsic value.  Everyone knows these, even the guys at “Market Oracle”:  it’s all Aristotle.  People get hung up on the “intrinsic value” thing.  So what.  It’s not that important either way.

Politics.  Ethics.  Economics.  Biology.  Tutor to Alexander the Great?  That Aristotle certainly got around.

I generally prefer Plato to Aristotle, but sometimes you have to deviate from your usual preferences because, well, it’s the right thing to do.  Look at this.  (Who the heck is Joan Bardina, anyway?  Does this discussion have something to do with Basque separatism, a phrase that appears here and there in media reports over the last few decades?  Let’s not go there.  At least not right now.)

Let me just say that sometimes these posts won’t make much sense if you don’t use the links.  Proceeding on, then…

Steve Keen is a smart guy and he likes to use charts and graphs, and there’s nothing wrong with using charts and graphs but when you start invading Aristotle’s territory you should remember that he didn’t use charts and graphs, and just maybe he was a smart guy, too, and if he didn’t use charts and graphs maybe they’re unnecessary or even counterproductive, otherwise that smart guy Aristotle would have used them because you can be sure charts and graphs were around back then and he would have – but since he didn’t I’m not going to, either.

Sorry for the run-on sentence but I think it’s effective, don’t you?  I mean, if I’m not going to put in a pretty chart or graph I need to try something else to hold a reader’s attention and that’s one way.

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