A Different Take On Libya (Update)(x2)

From Pravda, which often has news and opinion you can’t find anywhere else, an article which asserts that US intelligence agencies are deliberately destabilizing the Libyan government.  This is supposedly in retaliation, Libyans (and Iran) being believed to have fomented the instability in Egypt and elsewhere.

The CIA/MI-6 effort is also alleged to include very clumsy “disinformation”, in which photos from elsewhere are claimed to be from Libyan demonstrations, and pro-Libyan government gatherings are portrayed as being the opposite.

The article names names, such as Ashur Shamis, as being one source of this information, though I imagine not a willing one.  The by-line belongs to Khatarina Garcia and Peter Blair.

Interesting.  These kinds of allegations should be dealt with in the American press – but they’re not.

Update:  Is this article disinformation?  It’s long, but aside from its breathless tone seems to have very little of substance, just quotes from a lot of anonymous “witnesses” reporting food shortages, fuel shortages and incidents of violence.  Could be Tripoli, could be Detroit.

Update 2This article appears to have more substance, but still a lot of inappropriate editorializing for a “news” story, referring to Qadaffi’s “faltering” rule and labeling him a “strongman” (remember Manuel Noriega, the Panamanian dictator whose name was always preceded by the term “strongman”?  Is that part of the standard CIA smear lexicon?

None of this is to in any way support the Libyan regime or its leader, who are among the more noxious and repressive in the world.  I just wonder why the facts aren’t enough, why the felt need to spin everything.



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