Demography Is Destiny

Try as they may, defenders of Social Security just wind up sounding shrill.  Social Security is indefensible.  Like many of our problems, though, the real culprits – FDR comes to mind – are long dead.

But this post by Vox Day portrays a certain ironic aspect of it all:  the collapse of the ponzi scheme will occur as many of the “baby boom” generation reach the point where it’s their turn to put their hands in the till.

The baby boomers are demographically significant – maybe singular – in two ways:  first, they were so numerous themselves; and second, they were the least reproductive generation in American history.

This is demographic suicide, of course.  But the 20th century, among its many notable qualities, was characterized by the insouciance and hubris that the laws of nature could be repealed.  It doesn’t take long for that particular nostrum to bear fruit.  In this case cause and effect could not be clearer:  the folly is revealed within the very same generation.

We can hope that the obvious, if brutal and short term solution – widespread and compulsory euthanasia, or some variation of it – will not come to pass.  But I have to say, it’s a toss up.



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