Time Magazine’s Take On The “Financial Crisis” (Update)

Could any published written thing be more vacuously retrograde, more dismally 20th century, more stiflingly and smugly establishmentarian, than this article?

Let me summarize, and this is no joke.  The thesis is that paychecks for US employees are shrinking at a pace not seen since the depression-era 1930’s because of two “mega-trends”: “technology-driven productivity”; and “the rise of emerging markets”.  This is worrisome in that it has led to an increase in people Googling “Marxism”, and additional “fallout” may include “ugly populist politics”.  The sensible thing, of course, is to “focus on social mobility” and to “push people upward” – whatever that means – even though that appears highly unlikely given that the employment bloodbath occurring after the 2008 government-bankster debacle has demonstrably resulted in huge reductions of income and long periods of unemployment for many Americans.

The situation might call for a concrete suggestion or two, rather than a couple of empty slogans.  But that’s what Time has come to, apparently.

Oh, wait.  There is one concrete suggestion.  The author, one Rana Foroohar (Probably a made up name.  The true author must be some government stooge in the “propraganda to pre-empt civil unrest” section of the CIA or the NSA or something.) concludes by holding up as an example the strongly government interventionist model of Denmark, where:

…when companies there shed workers because of outsourcing, the government continues to pay those workers for two years, but on a declining scale and only with the promise that they attend retraining programs for jobs in higher-growth industries.

Higher growth industries.  Like nursing homes and day care, to facilitate the impersonal and inexpensive warehousing of the parents and children of the 21st century worker-bee Americans, who live their meaningless little lives to line the pockets of their rulers:  the political class and the banksters.  Swell.

You can find far more intelligent and insightful commentary and opinion on Pravda, or on any of probably millions of web pages dealing with the same kinds of issues. I mean, seriously, who reads the shit that Time is peddling anymore?

Time has become insufferable, irrelevant and banal, all at the same time.  Someone please, put the useless mass of pulp out of its misery.  For the love of God.

Update:  Well, maybe Rana Foroohar is a real person after all.  At least, she has a bio posted on Time’s website.  Columbia University.  Blah.  Life time member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Blah.  Look at her picture and note the vacant stare.  Internationalists will do that to you.  Pathetic.  I shouldn’t have been so mean.  I was cranky.


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