Of Course.

Remember when there was all that fuss about banks not owning the “notes” they were foreclosing, and pretending they did through perjured affidavits and “robo-signing”?

Do you further remember that the Attorneys General of many states joined the fuss, made their complaints but then “settled” with banksters in January?

Washington State is the first to explicitly do the bankster’s bidding (H/T “Stephanie” at Fedupusa) as a result of this settlement.  They have introduced a statute that will exonerate the banks and relieve them going forward of any requirement to produce the notes they are foreclosing upon.

Just to be clear, the Attorneys General in settling with the banks resolved any objections their respective states may have had to any banker fraud, which freed the banksters to introduce legislation (Technically, legislators introduce legislation.  Technically, it’s the puppet’s mouth that moves, not the ventriloquist’s) ratifying and codifying their agreement with the states’ AG’s.  After waiting a decent interval of about 60 days – two whole monthly payment cycles! – all the while, of course, diligently preparing things behind the scenes – the first new bankster bought law has made its appearance and will no doubt sail through the Washington legislature virtually unnoticed and unremarked upon.  It will have its effect on real people in real homes on real streets, though.

Interesting how the banksters always feel they need the cover of law.  In any case it’s readily available to them:  it’s for sale in the capitols of the nation, obviously.


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