Judges Are Cowardly Low-Lifes Who Make Illinois Governors Look Good

Via Greenfield’s Simple Justice and Radley Balko’s Agitator, a story about some cops who pretended to be defense attorneys, duping a defendant, named Dawson, into incriminating himself and obtaining a conviction with the statements they got.

I don’t have too much to add to the SJ and Agitator accounts, but there are a couple of subtle points to bring up.

The first is the absolute contempt of defense attorneys the cops must have to actually do that.  What would happen to a defense lawyer who pretended to be a police officer?

And indeed the trial judge, one Amy Reedy (You can read a little about her here.  She was 80% prosecutor, 20% public defender (!) and 100% public tit sucking political hack), didn’t see anything wrong with what had occurred, proving that it isn’t just cops who treat defense lawyers contemptuously.

It took an appellate court to state the obvious.

Which brings us to the second point, and something no one else has pointed out.  From a news report on the appellate decision:

Despite his appellate victory, Dawson isn’t going free. He is serving an unrelated 67-month federal prison term for having a gun in his house despite being a convicted burglar.

Put another way, the appellate judges won’t take much heat from the public or even the cops for their ruling, because they’re not actually freeing anyone.  Judges do this all the time.  They pick a case to rule against the police and the prosecutors where they know the defendant will remain in prison anyway.  Snicker, snicker.  Wink, wink.

As between Reedy and the appellate judges, I don’t know who is worse.  Reedy is a crude and intellectually limited bully.  The appellate judges are far more sophisticated deceivers who ultimately do more damage with their disingenuous rulings.

Meanwhile, the death penalty abolitionist and admittedly brilliant Jeff Gamso reports that the current Governor of Illinois, who evidently has not yet gone to prison, made a principled and politically risky decision to abolish that state’s mal-administered death penalty.  Congratulations to abolitionists everywhere on a significant victory.


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