Generational War

Get a preview over on Vox Popoli.  A few samples:

“That’s not the point, and don’t get all mathematical on me, young whippersnapper”. I hear him saying. “Why, when I was young and working, paying very little tax and spending whatever I had on whatever I wanted, I didn’t complain a bit”. He might go on to say. “It’s about respecting your elders!” Huh? From this generation that disenfranchised their elders as fast as they could and butchered the next generation?  There is no reason to talk to or debate this type. He, like the unions, neither know nor care. They want what is coming to them. And, like all such, they will get it… You best be getting to know your neighbors. Most likely, between what you raise and what they raise, that is what you will eat. And if Hell is all you can raise, or they, then you will die.


Then this:

Boomers & their parents are far from useless. They’ll be the preferred source of long pig.


Then this:

It wasn’t the Grasshopper Generation that created the prescription drug entitlement during the Bush administration after all. The Baby Boomers may not have created the original problem, but they not only didn’t try to fix it, they blatantly exacerbated it. But Social Security is going to end, Medicare is going to end, and Medicaid are going to end, and they’re all going to shut down faster than anyone imagines at present.  And then, instead of decrying the younger generations for daring to spend money they don’t have on themselves, [elderly commenter] will be castigating them for refusing to spend it on his useless, wrinkled ass. And the vibrant peoples who were imported as substitutes for the missing millions of Generations X and Y aren’t going to argue with us and insist that they be taxed more to keep elderly gringos alive.




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