Pattis Is Bemused

I can help.

In a post today, Norm wonders why it is that he’s being required to essentially provide “Cliff Notes” to publicly paid appellate counsel to help guide them through the record on appeal of cases he has handled at the trial level.  When he does appeals, he doesn’t require this of trial counsel.

Perhaps it’s different in CT where Norm is, but this is a trend of long standing where I’m from.  The public employees you wind up dealing with every day in a law practice – clerks, public defenders, prosecutors, judges – not only hold private attorneys in utter contempt; but they are also oblivious to the demands of private practice and think nothing of adding to a private attorney’s administrative or financial burden.  This can simply be “passed on the client”, they think.  They are clueless.

Then, aggravating that, they are rigidly bureaucratic.  And acutely aware of the pecking order.

And in the pecking order, private attorneys are at the bottom.  Below clerks.  Below court deputies.  Below cops.  Below janitors.  If you heard how judges talk about private attorneys to their subordinates behind the scenes, you would appreciate the low regard in which they are held by all the people at the courthouses and clerk’s offices.

Shit rolls down hill, and when you’re on the bottom it piles up on you.

That’s the explanation, Norm.  It’s pretty simple.



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2 responses to “Pattis Is Bemused

  1. Norm Pattis

    I get it now. Thanks


  2. You’re welcome, Norm. It’s not pretty, but it’s the way it is.

    Quite a contrast with, say, 100 years ago, where private lawyers were very highly regarded as officers of the court.


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