Operation Empire State Rebellion. April 15th. Wall Street.

I’m not really clear on this, but what’s in the wind is that this hacker group “Anonymous”, which has made a name for itself by taking up the baton, so to speak, from Julian Assange and Wikileaks, is calling for millions to descend upon Wall Street on April 15th demanding the resignation of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

They are calling it “Operation Empire State Rebellion”.

They are calling for a restoration of the rule of law.

Apparently I’m not the only one who recognizes that we no longer have it. So far I’m almost the only lawyer, though.

We’ll see.  I hope this one catches on better than the lawyers’ strike I called for in November.

More via Max Keiser here.

Be there or be square, as they used to say in the tumultuous 1960’s.




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6 responses to “Operation Empire State Rebellion. April 15th. Wall Street.

  1. toxic8

    great. we need more people like you. I’ll see ya there..


  2. Anon

    I don’t know if you know how ahead of the curve you are. Love the bookbinding theme. A lot of us have nothing left and nothing better to do than head to Manhattan next month. Should be interesting.


  3. OPESR

    March 28 6am to 9pm


  4. To understand is to transform. Greetings!


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