The Real Story On Libya And The Middle East?

The basic thesis here is that the Libya military intervention is to provide news cover for the operations to quell rebellion in strategically more important places – like Bahrain, which would otherwise garner more headlines. (H/T Lew Rockwell)

What’s allegedly at stake is – as ever – oil and petro-dollar supremacy.  Which is also the real reason behind the persistent agitation against Iran, one of the few oil producing nations that will sell oil in a currency other than US dollars.

I don’t necessarily endorse this thesis, but there is evidence for it.  It may at the very least be one of those hidden or secondary motivations fueling the official decision making.  And it makes sense of some of the concerns I had mentioned here.

Another thing worth noting is that the US relationship with Israel is often critically cited as the driving force behind tensions with Iran.  If the foregoing is accurate, however, this would appear to be just more misdirection, tapping into prejudices to inflame, divide and obscure.


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