Correction: Operation Empire State Rebellion. March 28th, 6 AM To 9PM (Update)

If commenter “OPESR” is legit, I had the date wrong in this post.  I encourage everyone to participate in this planned (de-centrally) gathering.

It’s about time people got a little upset, but in truth I wonder what’s really going on here.

I think de-centralization has its place.  In fact, I believe it will be a strong trend in the 21st century, as indeed it already has been.  But when you are unable to identify a date, time and place for some sort of concerted action it has a few drawbacks.  The most I can really say with certainty is that a loosely affiliated online group wants to pull off a non-violent show of force sometime within the next few weeks in Manhattan, on Wall Street.  Every other detail about what is being planned, when and how and by whom is too murky to say.

Update:  Well, today is March 28th and not a peep.  This concerted action type stuff can be a tough nut to crack.




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5 responses to “Correction: Operation Empire State Rebellion. March 28th, 6 AM To 9PM (Update)

  1. Dr. Richard Head

    I plan on being at the Fed branch in Cleveland. Hope many show.


    • Assuming you are not engaged in misdirection, the problem with what you are suggesting is that Cleveland is not in the “Empire State”, so I can’t see how an “Empire State Rebellion” could have much to do with Cleveland.

      But perhaps I am being too literal. Perhaps the best thing to do is put up information and let readers sort out the genuine information from the trolling and misdirection. Many of them may be better quailified to do that than me.


      • Dr. Richard Head

        I thouht all Federal Reserve Bank branches were the target. No misdirection, I thought A99 communique 1 stated ALL branches. Could be wrong, will check for your reply.


  2. Brent

    All I see is a bunch of hot air, all talk and no action.


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