Apparently it’s been a common and legal practice in the UK for some time.  But now, mysteriously, there is a move to criminalize it.

Wonder if the banksters are behind this one?

The proposed new law will mean that home owners will no longer have to go through the civil courts in order to evict squatters from their properties.

Instead the police will be able to force entry and arrest anyone who has occupied a property without the consent of its owners. In Scotland, squatting is illegal and offenders can be jailed for up to 21 days.

At present, squatters may legally enter an empty property provided they do not cause damage when gaining access. Existing laws protect squatters by preventing a homeowner from forcing their way back into a property using force.

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 instances of squatting each year in the UK. In Scotland where it is already a crime the issue is far less widespread.

The early day motion has so far been backed by 21 MPs, and is proposed by Brighton and Hove’s Mike Weatherley.

Mike Weatherley.  He looks like Phil Collins.  He’s a Tory, of course.  He’s upset that squatters have apparently spontaneously organized to determine which houses are vacant so they can go legally squat in them.

A true free marketer would support this as the market spontaneously acting to allocate scarce resources, methinks.  I wonder if the well heeled banksters in the UK have contributed to his campaigns.  There are hints here and here.  And this is strange.

Meanwhile, 75 people blocked an eviction following a foreclosure in Rochester, New York.  So the bank called upon the police and the eviction took place at gunpoint.  The woman foreclosed upon could no longer make her payments after her husband died.  It says elsewhere that she has a family of eleven.  They are now homeless, of course.

Then in San Jose, California, a pastor and his family were arrested trying to stop an eviction after the bank foreclosed on his church.

After the bank forecloses on your home and takes title, if you stay there you are a “squatter”.  That’s the law.

It’s also the law that if you engage in malfeasance that results in billions upon billions of losses you should be held accountable.  Yet instead, there has been the opposite:  $12.8 trillion for the banksters to bail them out, while lesser beings go without a roof over their heads.

I hope they’re not hungry, too.


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