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We get the government we deserve, and the justice system we deserve.  When jurors treat government allegations with skepticism, like they are supposed to, rather than going along with them because the the government is the 800 pound gorilla and “everyone” else does – in other words, being toadies for power like the judges are – we’ll see some improvement.  Until then, it’s all downhill.  Mike has it exactly right.

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A unified Europe is a pipe dream of long standing.  It didn’t work out for Napoleon or for anyone else since.  And it won’t work out for the Eurocrats of Brussels either, despite the significant achievement of a pan-European currency and a European central bank.  Even if that could ever have worked, they were a century too late.  Both the bank and the currency were inaugurated at, and are firmly at odds with, the beginning of the world historical trend of the 21st century:  de-centralization.

Vox Day is on this subject.  He sees the issue as being the asymmetry of German investment and return:  the unsustainability of a Germany forever carrying everyone else in the EU.  And that’s part of the problem, no doubt.  But it’s also just the wrong idea at the wrong time.    Nice try for a last gasp, but no one really wants a united Europe anyway.  It may seem ironic to the one-worlders, but the whole effort is a much greater threat to peace than just reverting to the norm, where European countries went their own way.


Maybe Scott Greenfield is just showing his increasingly advanced age, with that combination of the sagacious and the naive that so often characterizes the elderly.  He wants the United States Supreme Court to be polite, as he imagines it should be and perhaps once was.  But the reality is that they are just another appellate court – and not a particularly good one by objective measures – staffed with flawed human beings who are prone to petty bickering and rudeness, both between themselves and to others.

Can they put the lawyers appearing before them into a tough spot?  Certainly.  So what?  It’s their show.  From a lawyer’s perspective, you can throw stuff up there that you think is real important but it doesn’t matter at all what you think.  They’re going to do what they want with it, and it’s not surprising that “they” often don’t agree.

The decorum of the court is not nearly so much a problem as the quality of their jurisprudence.



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