The Strategic Significance Of Bahrain

Here’s a former CIA official, now engaged in truth telling for profit, describing the almost inexplicable importance of Bahrain.  I post this because it echoes a few posts (e.g., here and here) I had earlier dealing with the question of whether Libya is a distraction, and trying to convey, however feebly, the dynamic in the Persian Gulf between the US and Iran and how prominently Bahrain factors into that.

In any event, beginning about the 10:00 mark the analysis is startling:



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4 responses to “The Strategic Significance Of Bahrain

  1. brisget O'nuellan

    Good intervention, but why am I skeptical about what a CIA guy would have to say about the Bush gang ?? I must have missed a chapter…


    • Well, according to the story he USED to be a CIA guy, and now he just goes on RT and dithers.

      Even so. It’s strange how these geopolitical things often boil down to human relationships and their foibles and flaws. US ties to Bahrain are deep, and deeply personal. The fleet has been there a long time. People know each other – the king, the admirals, the high echelon businessmen. They cavort together. They are bonded. Personally.

      It’s corrupt, but in a very human way. Still, you can’t have a situation where the vast majority of a population are effectively shut out of a country’s bounty. You’re just courting trouble. Maybe Iran stirred this pot, maybe not. Iran itself is a very large and diverse country and much of the population has an affinity for things American. The ability to install a friendly dictator, as the US did in Iran in 1953, doesn’t come out of nowhere and isn’t simply a function of power and will: there must be a fertile ground in which to plant that seed. One of the things that came out in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980’s was that there were a lot of unofficial channels of communication between the US and Iran. The push to war, if it comes, will not be without regret on both sides from the very beginning.

      Same thing with Bahrain. US officials are so close with the ruling class of that country that turning its back on it, no matter how much sense it otherwise makes, is unthinkable. That’s why I think the CIA guy is on to something. He’s aware of what Bahrain means on a geopolitical level precisely because he’s aware of the powerful personal loyalties and affinities involved.

      Just my opinion at this point, but making peace with Iran, and vice versa, is not only naturally do-able, but also a very important goal for the US over the next few years.


  2. brisget O'nuellan

    ….defend your country against Who ??? Defend ??? defend ??? what the hell…going to pillage countries, Bombing out democracy here and there that’s what it is all about ! NOT about DEFENDING… We are sick and tired of the war games and lies.


  3. brisget O'nuellan

    Totally agree with your comment, and another State to think about is Qatar…just a thought. Perhaps have you viewed this video before :

    So my thoughts are, Qatar is probably strategic to the US but I haven’t yet researched enough on that issue. For the moment the EU and the US are busy getting the ME and NE under control for “democracy’s sake”, then will come Iran s turn. And of course if and when an Ex CIA guy talks about a given geopolitical issue, there has to be some part of truth in it or at least a clue. Ex CIA does not mean banned from the CIA, he may not be CIA anymore, but I doubt he would come out of the woods and speak freely without his peers’ prior consent…Or else.


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