Oil Will Never Run Out

I’m not enough of a chemist or biologist or geologist to really comment intelligently, but in the west it’s difficult to run across explanations of the inorganic theory of the origins of hydrocarbons, like $100+ per barrel oil.  So I reprint this, courtesy of Russian Television (emphasis supplied):

The organic theory of oil origin states that this mixture of hydrocarbons was formed as a result of the heating of ancient organic matter, dinosaur remains and decayed plants, and in this case, oil reserves will inevitably end – after all, organic matter is exhaustible. But there is also the non-organic theory of petroleum origins, which was first presented by Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleyev.

Based on the experiments he, himself, had conducted, Mendeleyev determined that when heavy metal carbides react with water, they form hydrocarbons with a large number of hydrogen atoms in the molecule. This can be explained with the following example. The simplest carbide metal is carbide of calcium, which is usually referred to simply as carbide. Not long ago, in acetylene welding, instead of using acetylene from cylinders, people used acetylene formed in special apparatus in which carbide reacted with water. Young boys tossed pieces of off-white carbide into puddles, and set fire to the resulting emission of acetylene. To this day, carbide lamps that operate based on the same principle continue to be used by cave explorers and remote lighthouse keepers, who work in places where pulling a power line or putting a diesel tank is not practical.

Acetylene is one of the simplest hydrocarbons, and when water reacts with metal carbides that are heavier than calcium, more complex hydrocarbons are formed. Dmitry Mendeleyev believed that water seeps through the crevices of the Earth’s crust to its liquid core, which mainly consists of metals, and the hydrocarbons that are produced as a result are raised to the surface. However, the carbide theory was not confirmed in recent studies, although the non-organic theory for the origins of petroleum has not been fully rejected, and is based on a somewhat different formation mechanism of petroleum hydrocarbons.


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  1. frenchfrog

    Many thanks for sharing this information. I will relay it on french blogs.


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