More Media Spin On Casey Anthony (Update)

It’s really incredible.  The media is often in a frenzy to convict, but this is ridiculous.

The Casey Anthony defense is offensive to sexual abuse victims, says the story.

Well, then, the Casey Anthony defense must offend all decent people everywhere who don’t hate sexual abuse victims.  So if you’re a decent person, you agree that Casey Anthony is guilty; and if you think that she is not guilty and perhaps a sexual abuse victim then you are not a decent person and hate sexual abuse victims.

Seriously.  This is the message.  What are they going to do if she is acquitted?  Agitate for a federal prosecution?

Update:  At least someone in the media has noticed that some of the coverage of the Casey Anthony trial has been, well, ridiculous.

A subtle shift in the offing?  Not likely, overall.


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One response to “More Media Spin On Casey Anthony (Update)

  1. Amy

    It is refreshing to see someone else not buying into the Nancy Grace on-air masturbation for a conviction and assumed guilt. What is happening with this case is revolting. Excellent observations. Definitely looking forward to reading more. Listening to the media commentary makes me wonder if I am watching the same trial. It also makes me question if basic civics is even taught any more. Cheers.


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