Casey Anthony – The Verdict

Oops.  Not just yet.  But some people aren’t waiting.  They have the noose in hand, not just for her but for her attorney (scroll down to the first comment by “MassMom”):

She’s a cunning, heartless, viper. She will use anyone and anything to achieve her means…including Baez. He’ll probably end up disbarred in a few years.




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2 responses to “Casey Anthony – The Verdict

  1. Just sayin'

    Okay, how about this this? George is the father of Caylee. He was using chloroform to cause little Caylee to “pass out” so that he could begin the cycle of sexual abuse with her. Maybe he went to far (accident that spun out of control) and dunked her in the pool so that he could blame it on Casey and then needed to get rid of the body because he knew that even an accidental death (by chloroform, not drowning) would require that an autopsy and other blood tests be done. If paternity tests revealed that he was the father he would go to prison himself . As for tape over the nose and mouth (although it could have been over the eyes – who wants to look at a dead baby’s eyes?) perhaps it was placed over the nose and mouth because once a body starts to decompose, fluids will escape from these orifices if not tended to – say, by a mortician.


    • Yes, George is also a prime suspect. And I can’t understand the idea that the girl was smothered with duct tape. I haven’t seen anything suggesting that the duct tape couldn’t have been placed post mortem. Picking that as the instrument of death strikes me as really unlikely.

      Maybe this whole thing is just an elaborate ruse to get George.



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