John Edwards Indicted

Just to get away from all the Casey Anthony stuff for a minute, can you think of a bigger waste of time and resources than this?  (Link may not work if you’ve used up your free views of the NYT.)

A two year investigation and now a long drawn out legal affair, over what essentially amount to personal peccadillos?

I am no John Edwards fan by any stretch.  But seriously, this is just nuts.  The Feds have nothing better to do?  They should start laying people off at the DOJ.

Actually, I know for a fact that they do have better things to do.  But they’re not doing them.  Same difference, as a lot of kids used to say when I was one.

So take this all in, sports fans.  You think Casey Anthony caused a lot of wasted time and effort with her lies?  I’ll certainly agree with that one.  But it’s nothing compared to what the government can waste on a truly pointless criminal prosecution.

Including, perhaps, Casey Anthony’s.



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One response to “John Edwards Indicted

  1. bluebird

    The media has not spent a lot of time on “creating” news on this. Perhaps they get no one cares. Feds are single-minded in this pursuit.


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