Casey Anthony: More Second Guessing The Defense

Talking head lawyers, as opposed to the lawyer doing the actual trial work, spin and spin and spin.  Then spin some more:

Some legal experts say these taped conversations could hurt Anthony in the eyes of jurors.

“These tapes are so devastating to the defense,” defense attorney Richard Herman told HLN’s Nancy Grace. “Now at this point, there is no way Casey Anthony can take the stand in the case. They cannot get an acquittal.”

Another defense attorney, Alan Ripka, said Anthony’s attorney should have tried harder to keep the tapes from being played at the trial.

“The big thing here is that the defense attorney did not analyze these tapes and make a motion way early to the court indicating that they were more prejudicial than probative and they could not be played for this jury without there being damage done that should not be done,” Ripka said.

And of course the trial judge would have granted the defense motion, right Mr. Ripka?  Because he has granted all their motions so far.

Oh wait.

He has granted none of their motions so far.

Casey Anthony “cannot take the stand”, Mr. Herman?  The defense “cannot get an acquittal”?  You sound pretty sure of yourself – like your keeper, Nancy Grace.

I once had a judge go up one side of me and down the other (in private) over offering a witness statement into evidence that he thought implicated my client.  I used the statement in my closing argument.  The client was acquitted on the basis of the statement.

You never know.


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One response to “Casey Anthony: More Second Guessing The Defense

  1. bluebird

    Nancy Grace also said she would eat crow if Michael Jackson was not found guilty based on the prosecution’s case against him! She ranted and raved and shouted “off with his head.” She was wrong then, she is wrong a lot, she will be wrong again.


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