Did George Anthony Plant Evidence To Implicate His Daughter?

This is the first information that I have found – but it’s reliable, as a near contemporaneous record – that indicates that George had actually “borrowed” Casey’s car the very week that people – including Casey – began noticing a foul odor coming from the car:

In a phone call to Amy Huizenga, Casey Anthony told her friend, “It smells like something died in my car.”

Casey Anthony claimed her father, George, had possibly run over a squirrel when he borrowed her car that week. However, the date would have been during a period when the Anthonys said they could not find Casey Anthony.  [Except that George now admits that he saw Casey at his home on June 24, three days before the car was abandoned. – ed.]

Also, on June 27, documents show that Casey Anthony sent a cell phone text message to her friend (Amy Huizenga) that reads, “There was definitely part of a dead animal plastered to the frame of my car.”

According to Huizenga, June 27 is the date when Casey Anthony admitted leaving her car at an Amscot, claiming it had run out of gas.

The car was later towed to an impound lot, where George and Cindy picked it up two weeks later.



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11 responses to “Did George Anthony Plant Evidence To Implicate His Daughter?

  1. bluebird

    Let’s not forget that even though George claimed he had not heard from Casey, he picked up the car with gas cans. The tow manager testified that “he thought George bringing gas cans was highly unusual and refered to his umpteen years of experience with people picking up their cars from the tow yard.


  2. skid

    Yea, the car smells like a decomposing body, his grandaughter is missing, so he drives the crime scene home, both parents try to destroy or tamper with evidence by ‘cleaning’ the car and contents. Nope perfectly normal behavior, move along folks, nothing to see here, no need to be suspicious of anyone but Casey, because George
    was a cop, a detective and besides, they are the poor innocent grieving grandparent victims here.


    • bluebird

      Cindy’s behavior on the stand was so overly emotional and the drama, good grief. I sound a little cold, but her attachment to Caylee is wierd.


  3. skid

    I dismissed her performance as fake and overly dramatic. It has been three YEARS
    and she was acting like it was three weeks ago. They all LIE, especially George and Cindy, no doubt that is where Casey learned her behavior.


    • bluebird

      It’s so refreshing not to get bashed over the head with people screaming for my head for my comments on this trial. Thanks Atticus.


  4. Nicole Carlson

    I agree bluebird Cindy was too much,seemed believable her first day up there but by the second day just way too much


  5. I have to agree with you regarding Cindy’s actions on the stand. Way too fake & I don’t know what it is, but I never see actual tears. Only kleenex dabbing & crying face look. This family is so sick.


  6. jwl

    finally! some people who think like me.


  7. becky

    prosecutors wants to notch a death penalty case so badly that they bring forth a theory where there is no direct evidence that they have to prove their theory beyond reasonable doubt. A huge risk of allowing a murderer go free. It shows the arrogance of the state attorneys office and it makes me sick. It should be considered prosecution misconduct! Especially if this lunatic gets off.
    She’s guilty as hell but this isn’t a fair trial!



    Maybe “George Took A GAS Can 2 The TowingPLace B/C “Casey” Had StoLen His GAS CANS So Maybe He Thought “Casey’s CAR Was Out Of GAS!


    • Maybe. That certainly seems like a reasonable scenario. However, calling the police on your own daughter because she “stole” your gas cans is not normal. There are innocent explanations even for that, but it’s still supicious.


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