Dust Up In The Blogroll

Two giants of the so-called “blawgosphere” are having a tiff:  Norm Pattis and Scott Greenfield.

I’m not sure what it’s really about.  Something to do with the Joseph Rakofsky matter, I think.  And then some other stuff, prally deeper than that.

The important thing is that they are both on my blogroll and I must keep the peace.  Just kidding.  I will wade into those waters not at all.  But I will note that Pattis used “Et tu” in the title of his post, and that is mine.  I stole it from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, where he – you know, Julius Caesar – goes “Et tu, Brute?” as Brute, his erstwhile friend, plunges a knife in his back.

Now seriously, in the Pattis-Greenfield context that’s a little overdone and melodramatic.  In the Bennett-Atticus exchanges it’s cool, though.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about it.


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