Casey Anthony Judge Perry Tips His Hand (Update)

Talk about presuming the outcome, he’s quoted at a “sidebar” conference:

Perry again noted there is an issue with allowing too many photos in. He said, “You all sometimes get reckless and you all don’t mind retrying cases. I do. I care about convictions. I don’t care to do them twice.”

See the link here.

Update:  Time magazine assumes guilt, too:

She’s being portrayed as a party girl who chafed at motherhood, especially when she couldn’t find a babysitter. Her toddler was a buzzkill — and so she was killed…On one hand, that storyline is unbelievable. On the other, it highlights the enormous responsibility inherent in becoming a parent. “I’m not saying I empathize with her,” says Simon. “What she did was monstrous. But you can understand how the stress of parenthood could really get to somebody.”

The fact that the “storyline is unbelievable” doesn’t stop the folks at Time from believing it.


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9 responses to “Casey Anthony Judge Perry Tips His Hand (Update)

  1. gayla5ft2

    So you are saying that Judge Perry personally wants to convict Casey Anthony. That is a real leap to infer that from his statement alone. This is about things being done properly and the appellate court. You don’t retry a case when the defendant is found ‘not guilty’. Its obvious that Jose Baez is taking the shotgun approach to setting up the ability to appeal a conviction. My guess is that when Ms. Anthony is convicted a handoff to a new defense attorney will occur and the appeal with be made on grounds of ineffective council.


    • The point of the post was that Judge Perry assumes the defendant will be convicted. It’s probably not personal to Casey Anthony. It’s just how judges are generally, and this time is not different in that regard. But his own words, as quoted there, certainly reveal a bias in favor of conviction that ought to be distressing for people who believe that the judge is neutral. The judge is not neutral in a criminal case. He favors a conviction, like just about everyone else.


  2. Babs

    I have been watching this terrible event play out since 2008. Needless to say, I believe Casey Anthony is the lone culprit in this murder of her daughter. But, after watching her “crying” the last few days of very personal details and photos (which she does not watch), she goes through many tissues, mostly held to her nose, which is indeed red, but never have I noticed the swollen, red rimmed eyes evident after crying for any length of time, and that tissue remains dry. She is a superb actress.


    • Babs: your post is something that scares the shit out of defense lawyers. You see, there’s nothing the defendant can do in your eyes that will not make her appear guilty. If she cries she’s an “actress” or “crying for herself, not Caylee”. If she doesn’t cry, she’s the cold-hearted monster. If she seems disinterested she is flippant about the proceedings and of course a cold hearted monster. If she is very interested she’s worried because she knows she’s guilty. If she writes something she’s calculating. If she doesn’t write anything she’s stupid and guilty. If she whispers to her attorney she – and her attorney – are hiding something. And she’s guilty.

      Everything points to her guilt because she is seen as guilty because she has been accused.

      It’s such an uphill battle representing people accused of crimes.


      • lilyford

        Thank you Attitcus for trying to explain this phenomenon to the mob which adheres to it.


      • Atticus it is such a pleasure to read you. Indeed Babs’s comment represents a quite unfortunate truth which is that as human beings, we want to believe, the things that we already believe. And so when you hear some information that contradicts your pre-existing views, unfortunately, what most tend to do is think of why they believed those things in the first place. And when they get these corrections, they tend to say I’m right, and I’m going to stick with my view. Therefore, reenforcing this false belief.


  3. hcannon

    Wonder about how George knew the car was at Amscott 3 days before it was towed?


  4. What if he put it there…


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