Casey Anthony – The James Thompson Walmart Sighting

…has been pretty much thoroughly discredited.

This is important because he claimed to have seen little Caylee Anthony alive at a Walmart store, with her mother Casey, at about 4 PM on Jun 16th; but the defense’s contentions are that Caylee had drowned in the family pool much earlier that day.

A commenter had brought James Thompson to my attention here.

This illustrates the difficulty of getting these things right.  It would be a pretty devastating blow to the defense if there was reliable evidence showing that the little girl was walking around after she was supposed to be dead.  It appears there is no “reliable” evidence, but these things can rear their head long after they should have been put to bed, both in blog comments and in jury deliberations.

I’d be surprised after all that if the prosecution introduced the guy, but if they did it would be a sign that they are content to use evidence of very poor quality and reliability.



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9 responses to “Casey Anthony – The James Thompson Walmart Sighting

  1. bluebird

    They used a Dr. Arapad Vass’s technique in this case. And a bug expert that thinks one leg of one blow fly is enough to evidence a dead body in the trunk. Let’s not forget the inconclusive one hair that showed a ring of decomp. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they brought in the wall mart guy who talked more about how slutty Casey looked (lech or highly judgmental) more than anything else.


  2. bill

    Nancy Grace has no idea what the hell she is talking about. She does NOT tell the truth as she states in her video here. She lies about things to get ratings for her show. She had Casey Anthony convicted three years ago when the story first broke. This woman does nothing for society. Some women think shes an advocate, what a joke. This woman does nothing. All she cares about is her TV show.
    Why dont they show some of the people calling in complaining of her? Ever notice these people that call in? Oh Nancy we love your show, thank you Nancy for speaking for all of us. What a crock! Why don’t they play the people that complain about her? The people that have the facts? Its all about money. Its pretty pathetic this woman has to stoop so low in life. And for Gods sake, who the heck cares about her kids? No one wants to see those kids.Thats kind of stupid when you think about it, exploting the children. Then again shes pathetic and needs all the attention she can get.


    • hcannon

      Get disbarred Nancy Grace.


      • c'est moi

        You are the jaded, negative, uncaring, dried up and withered wretches who have sold your souls. you want to be cool, above it all, unemotional. you don’t even pretend to have an ounce of compassion for a child who was clearly killed by her mother, but who will never receive justice b/c robots like you created the perverted thinking that we can’t, nowadays, anyway, use circumstantial evidence to convict. You freaks probably think a person has to be SEEN committing the crime before the killer is guilty. You can’t use your brain b/c it has been washed clean of the handicap known as critical thinking.


        • bluebird

          I definitely think that if there was ANY evidence that the child died due to mother, the jury would have found her guilty. If it were opposite and the way you suggest, we’d have a lot of innocent people in jail, even more than we do now. It is far better that a guilty person go free rather than send an innocent person to jail. There are a number of lifers and death row inmates who are being freed because of new DNA evidence, or new evidence. But these people have lost their 30 or more years of their lives. Would you rather just be able to convict on emotion?


    • bamalady

      way to go bill tell it like it GET A LIFE DISGRACE


    • Even later to the party……..totally agree, bill.


  3. justthink

    no evidence? so, the mother puts duct tape on Caylee’s mouth and nose and then takes the dead body of her daughter, wraps her up with her winnie the pooh blanket dumps her in a matching laundry bag from her home and then into 2 garbage bags, puts her in her trunk until she later dumps her in a swamp near her home, moves out of her home and lives with her boyfriend lying to everyone where her daughter is at…
    and that is an “accidental drowning”?
    any one with any brains can see right through the evidence, caylee’s shirt found with her remains said “small things make big trouble” but casey got a tatoo that signified how her life WITHOUT caylee and Cindy was beautiful…


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