Who’s The “Vindictive Bitch”?

Last, or maybe penultimate witness for the prosecution is the defendant’s mother, Cindy Anthony.  What a precious, subtle message to the jury:  even the defendant’s own mother wants you to convict her.

From the CNN Blog:

She [Cindy]became emotional as prosecutors showed her a photo of 2-year-old Caylee wearing a t-shirt with the words “Big trouble comes in small packages” on it. She said the first time she ever saw that shirt was during her deposition, but testimony by crime scene investigators has indicated that letters from those words were found at the scene with Caylee’s remains…Cindy was asked about canvas laundry bags found in the home that were similar to one found with Caylee’s remains in December 2008. She also said that a Winnie the Pooh blanket discovered with the remains was similar to one belonging to Caylee that she had not seen since May 2008.

The point of this testimony is to allow the prosecution to make an argument that Caylee Anthony was killed away from the Anthony home, since at the time of her death she was wearing clothing that had not been at the Anthony home, and the only “caregiver” who would have been in her company then was none other than the defendant herself.

Cindy Anthony cannot be unaware of what her testimony will be used for.

She is helping the state to put her own daughter to death and making a great show of it, turning in a bravura performance.  That’s pretty ugly.  And awfully weird as well.

The two parents are the bookends of the prosecution’s case, helping to seal the fate of their own child.  Gruesome for them to do it.  Shame on the state for using it in a manipulative way.



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2 responses to “Who’s The “Vindictive Bitch”?

  1. April

    May be the parents are mad at Casey for killing their granddaughter and trying to frame George for it. Casey was the vindictive bitch then, and Cindy is one now.


    • You know, I kind of regret this post, not that I’m going to take it down. It’s part of what you go through during a trial, which I guess is affecting me vicariously. The truth is, Cindy is so clueless she might not know the significance of what she is being asked. And the prosecution’s tactics in sort of sending the implied message to the jury that “even her mother thinks she’s guilty”, while perhaps taking advantage of the situation unfairly, is not entirely out of bounds. I get a little upset when the prosecution uses its advantage. They have so much advantage in a trial already, it just bugs me.


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