What? (Update)

Attorney Mark Lippman, who represents the rest of the Anthony family, makes a public point of saying that they think Casey Anthony is “guilty”.

In one way this is not surprising, considering that they have been testifying for the prosecution.

What’s more than a little bizarre, though, is that they decide to make a public statement through an attorney, who just goes ahead and does it.  While the trial is still going on.  While the defense case is being presented.  Before George Anthony is recalled to the witness stand by the defense, which presumably he will be.

Now, this is not the first time their lawyer has weighed in on the prosecution’s side in a big way.  If this conduct is gratuitous mob pandering, designed to influence public opinion and possibly the jury, it would be an ethically questionable pattern apparently designed to help deprive someone of a fair trial.

On the other hand, it would be ethically more defensible if he’s trying to protect one or more of his clients by keeping the focus of the fickle finger of blame on someone else.

But then that would mean he knows there is something he needs to protect his client or clients from.

The timing of this is also suggesting that the attorney is trying to intimidate Baez from calling George as a hostile witness, because there is now the danger that this opinion that his daughter is guilty, which has just been publicly announced, will somehow come up during the direct or cross examinations.

If that is the case, he’s going to great and ethically questionable lengths to protect George.  But for now he’s on the state’s side, so he won’t come in for the withering barrage of Monday morning quarterbacking and second guessing that has been directed at Baez for months, or years.

Update:  Apparently there’s some question about the accuracy of the CNN report.  Or something.  In any case, Lipmann has been all over the place “clarifying”.  Whatever that means.



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7 responses to “What? (Update)

  1. Do you think this ignorant judge would allow the defense to treat any witness as hostile? I doubt it. And he’s over the top in disallowing anything remotely resembling a leading question on what were states’ witnesses who remained on the sidelines because they didn’t help prosecution scum.


    • I haven’t been watching the trial but at this point I assume the worst.

      Puzzling how judges are always praised in the press for being “in control” of the courtroom; Perry is also, of course, “in control” of the jury:


      which is pretty ominous when you consider how openly partisan he has been.

      It wouldn’t be out of bounds for Baez or Mason to get openly antagonistic with the judge in front of the jury at this point. Maybe some of the jurors would pick up on the fact that he is a lot more like an interested party than a neutral referee.

      How else do you counter this abuse of his position?

      Unless they can damage the judge’s grip on the jury, I think the best they can hope for is for them to hang on the homicide counts. The lying to the police and hiding the body stuff is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Hope I’m wrong.


  2. April

    This ought to settle the issue for any fence-sitters among the public. Even her own parents think she is guilty. There were plenty of indications all along, but they made some half-hearted attempts to save their daughter in the beginning.

    George and Cindy ought to know better than anyone what kind of a person their daughter is. They had suspected Casey’s guilt from the very beginning. Cindy blurted out about the smell of death in the car. She cleaned some evidence, possibly thinking her daughter could get in trouble for what happened. During the jailhouse visists, she asked Casey if Casey thought they will find Caylee. (Casey unfailingly delivered more of her lies in response to this, of course). Cindy couldn’t have announced her suspicions more clearly.

    George was a little more subtle, but his prediction that Casey was going to go away for a long time indicates he suspected the worst. George reportedly came close to assaulting Casey when he demanded to know what she did with his granddaugher (when Casey was out on bail). He knows what he is dealing with.

    It looks like they finally had it with the defense tactics of dragging everybody through the mud to save their killer daughter.


  3. George’s spotty career consists of being an undercover cop and a used car salesman. Need I say more? Judge Perry probably would not permit me to.


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