No Questions? (Update)

It’s a little weird for a jury to be out for a long time and not ask any questions.

One thing that might be going on is that they, or at least some of them, don’t trust the judge.  The questions always go to the judge first.  If there’s a feeling that the judge is not a reliable source of information, that could result in eschewing the idea of looking to him for information or guidance.

Just a thought.

Update:  A verdict to be announced at 2:15, according to news reports.

Just from the time involved, and if I had to guess, I would say they may have acquitted on the homicide charges.  The reason I say that is that the deliberations were long enough to get well into the evidence, but not long enough to resolve any serious disagreements among the jurors.  Meaning that there weren’t any serious disagreements.

I can’t see a jury finding guilt on a death penalty eligible murder that easily, without some serious disagreements, on evidence like this.  Even in Florida.  And if they had had to resort to a compromise, like a manslaughter verdict, there generally would have been some indication.  A question.  Something.  And that should have taken longer.

The easiest verdict for the jury to reach after thoroughly reviewing the evidence, which would take at least a day I should think, would be not guilty on the homicide charges.

Obviously this is just spit-balling, but if I had to make a guess that is what it would be.



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