Four Years – Consecutive One Year Sentence On Each Count (Update)

That’s what Casey Anthony gets.

In the abstract, that’s a ridiculously harsh sentence – the maximum conceivable given what she was convicted of.  Time served was really the only appropriate sentence at this point.

On the practical level, though, she’s safer in jail right now than she would be anywhere else.

Seriously, people should just calm the fuck down.  Did anyone see this?  Make sure you watch that video (h/t Mike at C&F).  Now to those of us at some distance it’s kind of amusing.  But if I were Casey Anthony or even Jose Baez it would scare the shit out of me and I’d already be making plans to leave the country.

It wouldn’t be the first time that verdicts were overtaken by events, as they used to say in Washington DC.

Update:  One thing I forgot to mention:  no probationary period.  This is important, because it means the defendant is completely free when they leave jail.  She can leave the area – even the country – immediately.  And that’s probably what she should do.



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3 responses to “Four Years – Consecutive One Year Sentence On Each Count (Update)

  1. skid

    Another regular Nancy Grace viewer no doubt.


  2. Ron P

    Not too far removed from this insanity was Judge Strickland on the Nancy Grace show second-guessing everything. It’s disgraceful. The former judge on the case granted a motion for recusal and has been holding the grudge ever since. I’ve considered making a bar complaint!


  3. bluebird

    I have to say the Judge from the Nicole Smith case was on Fox and he called. Not guilty on all counts and she walks. So sane of a man when he talked about the case. Shortly after he was on with Nancy Grace and when he started talking sense, she cut him off and never went back to him!


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