Atticus Finch

I mean, the real one.  Who is fictional.  So, I mean the real fictional one.

Well, whatever.  The character is 50 years old today, going by the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird.

It may seem like a pretentious pseudonym, but I only picked it to bug Scott Greenfield.  That, and because I’m not a very imaginative guy when it comes to things like that.  And I often wonder whether most people even know who the character is anymore.

1961 was a different time for sure, both with respect to our visions of outer space and the criminal justice system.  And of course I am sure in other ways, too.

Not that I’m nostalgic or overly romantic about those times.  Picking that name  was more mental lethargy at work than anything else, something I’ve always tried very hard to avoid in other contexts, but in this instance I assume it is harmless.




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3 responses to “Atticus Finch

  1. Rob

    Too bad she only had one book in her. Fortunately it was a great one. They may need to do a re-make of the movie if people are to continue to know the character.


    • I imagine a remake would be difficult. Gregory Peck kind of owns that role, and you don’t see a lot of his type around Hollywood anymore.

      Plus, I don’t think the lawyer movies sell as well in 21st century USA as they did in the middle of last century. You might get the “lawyer-action” movie like The Firm or some other Grisham thing; or the “lawyer-comedy” movie like some of the television shows. But I don’t know if anyone could raise the money to do a Mockingbird or Verdict today.


      • Rob

        Just like you suspect people don’t know the Finch character, they definitely don’t know Peck. I’m 30 and Peck doesn’t mean anything to me. Your second point I think is more salient. You’d almost certainly need a major star to pull it off. Either that or spend no money and hope it takes off.


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