Casey Anthony’s Release

Scheduled for tomorrow?

I’m probably giving “the authorities” too much credit, but I’ll hazard a guess that she’s already been released.

And I hope she has left the country.




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10 responses to “Casey Anthony’s Release

  1. Lisa

    I’d say you’re giving them too much credit. Unfortunately I’m not very confident that they will do what is best for her safety, they have made that perfectly clear. I’d venture to guess they could careless.


  2. Ron P

    I’m disgusted with my fellow Central Floridians. And the most bizarre thing is that the establishment which has created it all. Someone in the state attorney’s office in Orange County should be fired. Ditto for the sheriff’s office. With the help of law enforcement, the media in Orlando have stalked the Anthony family to foment rage and increase viewership among the trailer park torch and pitchfork crowd. I don’t expect corrections to do the right thing in Ms. Anthony’s release.
    1. the absurdly one-sided rulings by the trial judge (black-robe-wearing-prosecutor Belvin Perry),
    2. the unethical backroom dealings of Jeff Ashton (“Let’s see what DOD thinks about Mr. Rodriguez!”),
    3. the presentation of fraudulent evidence by Linda Drane-Burdick (84 Chloroform/MySpace searches),
    4. the laughable forensics passed off as science,
    5. a tainted pool of potential finders of fact,
    6. a “death penalty qualified” jury, and finally
    7. a national cable and social media crusade against this woman,

    I feel her civil rights are being violated. We are watching it happen. Judge Perry should be the one to escort her out and tell the crowd of reporters and creeps to “mind their damn business!”


    • hcannon

      The spectacle is a sight to behold. HLN has developed a Cult like following of Imbeciles. This is the age of Two Trials. One in Court that has rules and a parallel trial in the Reptile Media with no rules, only a template. Anything that deviates from the template must be attacked and destroyed. The Witch must be caught and burned. It must have been this way back in Salem.


  3. bluebird

    Approximately 300 people were there at her release shouting “baby killer.” Who do these people think they are? What is wrong with them. They should be ashamed of themselves.


    • Country Lawyer

      Before Casey was even out of jail, some lady thought she saw Casey at a grocery store….rammed the innocent ladies care in the parking and turned it over with the innocent lady IN THE CAR! The CRAZY lady was screaming “baby killer” as she was doing it?! What has our country come to? We can have endless wars/deaths without congressional approval and nobody says a word, but Casy Anthony is supposed to have killed a child and HLN is all over that!


  4. Debbie

    And today…July 19, 2011…HLN is still at it with the maps of “Where in the World is Casey Anthony”…

    Is HLN paying people to go all over the United States in hopes of trying to find Casey Anthony?…

    And if they find Casey Anthony and report it on their HLN network and they broadcast it out nationally…and if by some chance an “idiot” watches and goes there and finds Casey and he/she decides to harm/kill Casey…will the network be held responsible for her harm/death?


  5. Country Lawyer

    I have been beating the drum for a while that LDB suborned perjury with the 84 v. 1 chloroform search evidence and she knew it…I just cut on HLN to see what today’s craziness was and I see that the programmer admitted to the mistake and that the State knew in advance that there was only 1 chloroform search. What are the chances anything will come of this?


    • bluebird

      I saw that. It is descpicable that this is the first time they are admitting it. LN has been screaming “Casey Anthony searched for Chloroform 84 times.” This is why 60% of the brain dead population thinks she is guilty and used duct tape to suffocate her child with chloroform.


      • hcannon

        Kooks like the respective Bar Associations may have gotten to the TV Lawyers?


        • Country Lawyer

          Yep, I heard Nancy spouting off something about the “…pesky Bill of Rights.” I guess she only like the parts of the constitution that help her although I don’t think I can get on the media and disparage a jury or a judge, so I don’t know why she thinks she can….unless she wants to give up that pesky little thing called a law license. If she wants to do that she should have all the 1st Amendment she wants. Why doesn’t someone down there in Georgia file a bar grievance? I know you are listening!


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