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Speaking Of Cars

This was an excellent post this morning from SJ putting some complaints about lawyers in perspective.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  About eighty years later.

But then ATL, where most of the staff wouldn’t know a real criminal defense lawyer if one popped out of the toilet and bit them in the ass, offers up this.

I have to say ATL is a bit schizophrenic here.  Mostly they complain about there being too many lawyers, too many bad lawyers, too many bad law schools – which includes every law school ranked below, say, number 20 on US News and World Report – and about how you probably can’t make enough money as a lawyer to pay back your student loans and what a raw deal that is.

But then they get all incensed at CDL’s driving nice cars.  Not to mention the flurry of insults and open disdain.

What’s more than a little disturbing about the ATL article is that the Ivy League brat class from which the proprietors hail is the same class that federal judges are drawn from.  In fact ATL is a perfect internet representation of that class and inadvertently reveals what really goes on between their ears:  the elite of the legal profession spends its mental energy on petty gossip and is hyper status conscious to the exclusion of every other human concern.  But especially excluded – indeed, treated contemptuously – is the actual work of representing people in their disputes with each other and with institutions such as the government.

In other words, the poor slobs whose cases are adjudicated – and their low life lawyers – are an annoying distraction from the far more interesting issues such as whose daughter is attending Harvard next semester.


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