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A Man Named Robinson Crusoe

moves into an apparently abandoned home in Texas after paying a $15 fee to the County Clerk for filing an affidavit of “adverse possession”. (H/T ChrisMartenson)

His name isn’t really Robinson Crusoe.  Just Robinson.  But I digress.

What’s interesting to me about this is the reaction of the neighbors.  They’re from Texas, too, of course.  And they’re a-gin’ it:

Robinson’s new neighbors are upset. One of them, Sandy Dawson, said she and others “believe in working for what you get.”

Some even called police. Robinson said he showed officers the affidavit and explained to them the laws of adverse possession. That led investigators to search for an owner or mortgage company who might have a complaint against Robinson.

“We couldn’t find anyone. No foreclosure, nothing,” police Capt. Wess Griffin said. “It appears to us to be largely a civil matter.”

But a neighborhood delegation showed up at the house anyway to deliver a message: Robinson was not welcome there.

Robinson recalled one man telling him, “We don’t think you need to be here. You’ll never be our neighbor.”

I do not understand the thought process here.  A house sits vacant for a long time and apparently no one is asserting a claim on it and then someone finally asserts a claim on it and moves in.  Why is this upsetting to the neighbors or anyone else?  I have to try to think this through a bit.  Bear with me.

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