III. Getting The Case, Reviewing The File (cont’d.)

There was yet another handwritten statement from a guy named William Annis, dated the same day as Harder’s, and which appeared to corroborate Harder’s statement in several respects:



Now, I have to say that the Annis statement always bothered me on a gut level.  I didn’t really doubt the truth of it on what later turned out to be the main point, but I do remember thinking that you’d be hard pressed to find any 20 something American male who could not identify a Ford Mustang when they saw one, less likely still in rural western New York State.  But this seemingly unimportant aspect of the statement illustrates something very relevant:  we attorneys are story tellers, but so are the police.  And when they are fabricating witness statement “evidence”, it helps to have the chump witness equivocate on some insignificant detail, so that his more important unequivocal statements appear more solid.

Moving on, then.

Then there were the transcripts of the proceedings where the three alleged accomplices – Harder, Adrian Paige and Shaun Theriault – entered their guilty pleas months earlier:










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