Smoking Gun Part Two: Todd Gaddy

I wondered if there was a statement from Todd Gaddy, too.  So I went back to Don Thompson’s office, looked through the file and indeed there was:


According to Todd Gaddy’s statement, the subject of the robbery never came up in the pizza shop.  It didn’t come up until a later conversation that was outside his apartment.  There was no mention of  Shaun saying “Sephora was the driver.” at all.

In other words, according to Todd Gaddy’s statement the conversation described in Ashley Baker’s statement never happened, which of course only further confirms that it was a fabrication by Carson.

And if all this wasn’t enough – and it was – I had interviewed that witness two years earlier, remember?  The one who said he helped Shaun Theriault retrieve the shotgun from some bushes in Geneseo and brought him back to Mark’s Pizzeria in Mount Morris?  That corroborates Gaddy’s statement, which again if it is true means not only that Ashley Baker’s statement was false but a deliberate fabrication by Carson designed to implicate Sephora Davis as the driver for the robbery.

If things hadn’t been clinched yet, this clinched it.  There was now no room for doubt.  The entire narrative of Sephora Davis being the “wheelman” for the armed robbery and kidnapping was made up by the police, starting with Dana Carson.  And the evidence proving that was all in the prosecutor’s file, which had been withheld from me for two years.

Which implies quite strongly that the prosecutor knew all about it.  Perhaps he had even orchestrated it himself.

What a mess.




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4 responses to “Smoking Gun Part Two: Todd Gaddy

  1. George

    Incredible. Plenty of us civilians assume stuff like this happens, but to have it laid out… And not as a John Grisham novel. I still have the question ‘why?’ Is it some vindictiveness from Carson regarding his earlier contact with Sephora? Or is it from the DA? What does the DA stand to gain unless someone there is mixed up with the drug pusher rapist?


    • It was part vindictiveness by Carson, and part that the whole LE crew was pissed at her because she had given them false information in December. But of course she only gave them false information because she didn’t really know what the truth was anyway.

      She never signed the statement they drafted for her so they should have doubted what she told them anyway. And perhaps if they had been better trained they might have suspected she had been assaulted. I’m quite sure that if they knew that, they wouldn’t have done this. But they shouldn’t do things like this anyway, no matter how mad they get or no matter how much they think they are entitled to “get her back”.

      It was a real disconnect. LE was only interested in a robbery. Sephora didn’t have the slightest interest in a robbery and didn’t know anything about it. All she knew was what had happened to her earlier and she just wanted to be left alone. She didn’t trust the police to protect her and feared that Eric Harder would come to her house at night and kill her and her younger sister if she told.

      She never told anyone until she told me, 11 months after the fact. Imagine living with that for almost a year, with no one to even comfort you over it because you have to keep this terrible secret.


      • George

        The banality of it makes this so much worse.


        • What bothers me most is not that they did it, but that after they found out what really happened to her they wouldn’t back off.

          If Tom Moran had talked to me – instead of all the bullying and blustering and lying – and said he wanted to bury this thing seven years ago and was willing to leave her alone I would have said yes. I would have helped him do it.


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