Just Out Of Idle Curiosity…

Someone is visiting this site who does not want to be identified.  The “site stats” indicate a “referrer” as follows:

Can anyone out there explain a little about this to me, either in comments or privately?

Maybe it’s not entirely idle curiosity.



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4 responses to “Just Out Of Idle Curiosity…

  1. – That’s not a valid “public routable” IP address and breaks the very rule that holds the Internet together. That IP address falls within preserved range for local/private networks. It can be seen as an indication that the referrer is indeed attempting to hide any trace back to them by spoofing their source IP address.

    Here is a list of non-routable IP address:
    class A reserved space
    class B reserved space
    class C reserved space
    class E reserved for research

    You shouldn’t be seeing anything from the listed range.

    Hope this helps!


  2. bluebird

    Hmmmmm………Very suspicious. Maybe your server can help track the location. Very interesting.


    • Well, when you’re dealing with “law enforcement” in an adversarial capacity, you have to remember that even in small, out of the way backwaters they have big budgets and access to all the best gizmos and toys, not to mention the experts who know how to use them.

      Just another reason why you sometimes have to remain elusive as you do battle. Maybe even execute a tactical retreat to another country.


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