Casey Anthony Leaving The Country?

The British tabloid press may not be the most reliable source, but that’s what the Daily Mail is reporting.

According the the story, she has a well heeled benefactor or boyfriend from Mexico, and:

‘She said, “I’m moving to Mexico, and I’m never coming back.” Eventually she plans to become a Mexican citizen.’

I’ve said for years that falsely accused people who are acquitted or exonerated should leave the country at the first opportunity.  It will never be right for them again in the US – the system is vindictive.  They will always be subject to scrutiny that others don’t have to endure, most people will not accept the truth of the matter, their employment prospects are always bleak, and a legion of cops all over the country will put them back in the slammer on any excuse or maybe even make one up if they have to.  Until an appropriate level of skepticism attends police and the criminal charges they bring it’s all too easy for them to get away with that.  It constitutes a temptation, really.
Say whatever else you want about Casey Anthony, she’s a smart girl.  Don’t waste your life trying to get the system to make you whole; grab what life puts on your plate and get the hell out of dodge.

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One response to “Casey Anthony Leaving The Country?

  1. TJR

    I went to your contact page to send you a note and noticed a reply of yours from back in July to someone who had commented when you were still Atticus..

    July 6, 2011 at 2:43 pm
    “French: Long time no see. Did you follow the Casey Anthony saga? I’m recommending that she leave the country now. In fact I think she should go to France, where they seem to have a healthy skepticism of the US legal system.”

    Apparently Anthony has taken your recommendation…And I imagine that is why you posted this link. It appears that you were spot on – the fallout of her acquittal was intense enough that she has chosen to leave for good. I mean, that is understandable I guess given the atrocious nature of the charges against her…and the fact that she is receiving death threats from people.

    Has any of this happened to Sephora? If so to what extent?


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