Just A Little More On Casey Anthony

Her parents are talking to Dr. Phil.

Apparently a lot of tough questions were ruled out of bounds, such as whether George molested Casey, how come George lied to the public if he thought his granddaughter was dead – resulting in all that searching; or if he didn’t think she was dead why couldn’t he, a former police homicide detective, connect all the dots before like he’s doing now?  What sort of “suicide” attempt was that, I mean really?  When you called the police over stolen gas cans was that what was really on your mind after you hadn’t seen your granddaughter, who lived with you, for more than a week?  Oh gosh, I could go on and on.

Maybe Dr. Phil doesn’t like to ask hard questions and self-censored, or maybe the terms of doing the interview included a lot of restrictions, which if that is true might make people wonder all by itself.

In any case, the press as usual isn’t asking any tough questions either, just focusing on whatever might confirm what they thought in the first place.  They are becoming more and more like the police that way, for whom they shamelessly toady.

So the focus is on George’s “opinion” that his granddaughter was killed accidentally with a drug overdose.  And to be fair, this is a plausible scenario assuming the truth of his contentions that he was the last person to see his granddaughter alive, leaving his house in the company of her mother, although this is a big assumption because some very reliable evidence – cell phone tower pings – indicate that this did not happen the way George says it did, and that’s another tough question that wasn’t asked by the no-nonsense Dr. Phil.

But forget all that.

Isn’t it just too weird for words that after George Anthony voices this opinion, more than three years after the fact, his wife who is sitting right there with him is “shocked” and says something like, “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that out of his mouth.”

This is not plausible unless something is really, really wrong.  Either he has said it before, in which case the wife’s response indicates that she’s totally off in la-la land; or she’s right and he never said anything of the kind to her, and it just came out all of a sudden on the Dr. Phil show, this opinion about one of the most important, deeply upsetting and – for them – personal things that has ever happened in their lives.  Never mentioned it to his wife, just told Dr. Phil during a nationally televised interview.

Is this even possible?

Now, the public interest in this seems to be waning and that’s probably a good thing.  The “authorities” screwed this up so badly that no one is ever really going to know what happened other than the participants themselves.  And one thing we should be able to say at the end of the day is, that’s okay.  Life has its mysteries.  It’s too bad a little girl is dead and we don’t know how or why, but some things remain unknown and unknowable.

Maybe the cops should get some “training” in epistemology.



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