Hail Mary (Update)

Troy Davis’ attorneys have filed an application for a stay of execution, which will otherwise take place tonight at 7 PM.  It’s gone to “Butts County Superior Court”, which for some reason doesn’t sound promising.  Whether that court has jurisdiction to do anything or not, I really don’t know not being familiar with the rules in Georgia.

Won’t be for lack of trying, as they say.

Update:  Meanwhile the brutal, oppressive and backward regime of Iran is releasing two young American hikers that they have held as “spies” for the last two years.

There’s a catch, though:  they have to go to Oman first.  Ever been to Oman?

So that sort of puts the bookends in place, doesn’t it?  Over here in the enlightened country we are going to more or less senselessly off this 43 year old man for a crime he may have committed when he was 19; Iran’s legal system manages to admit and correct a mistake in about two years.

I wonder if Iran has ever had a lawyer’s strike?



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